If BBSPINK is included in ID, she is a venus.2

1 ◆BBSPINKNNnJV 2011/08/28(日) 08:44:31.25ID:gh5jAVNh
A previus thread
If BBSPINK is included in ID, she is a venus.
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IDにBBSPINKが出たら神 Part2

2Mr.anonymous2011/08/29(月) 12:02:12.90ID:???
oh shit

3 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/01(木) 06:45:38.26ID:8HwFh8dh
Good morning.

4自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 07:27:13.13ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

5 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 12:06:14.10ID:o36yX0Tc
Good afternoon

6●jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 19:41:31.32ID:???
Good evening..;)

7忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 20:02:09.35ID:o36yX0Tc
Good evening Jim-san.

8◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/01(木) 20:03:45.31ID:o36yX0Tc

9●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 20:11:38.09ID:???
Retry pass.
Good night Ero-san and BBSPINKAys-san.

10●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/01(木) 20:12:58.49ID:???
You can see that it is possible to post without ●。

11 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/01(木) 20:45:06.24ID:q825gGnF
LTNS. Thanks for work of >>1.

12忍法帖【Lv=7,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/02(金) 05:12:15.50ID:lLBUID49
Good morning Jim-san.
This POST is using MAMEMAKI.

13 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/02(金) 07:03:37.64ID:YGXmFOrV
Good morning.


14 【38.8m】◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/02(金) 07:05:13.37ID:YGXmFOrV

15●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/02(金) 08:04:52.79ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san and Ero-san.

16忍法帖【Lv=8,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/02(金) 13:35:25.72ID:lLBUID49
Good afternoon.

17忍法帖【Lv=11,xxxPT】 小結 ◆/KOMU/uMio 2011/09/02(金) 14:41:29.76ID:n6Iq5DH1
 ( @ @)
 ( ∪▽∪<白怖じ屋さん、運金には来ないの?

18 【9.6m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/02(金) 21:12:25.21ID:M6ArvBS8
Good evening.


19忍法帖【Lv=12,xxxPT】 小結 ◆/KOMU/uMio 2011/09/03(土) 00:16:21.80ID:pF/Qt7QQ
 ( @ @)
 ( ∪▽∪<>>18Thank you so much.

20 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/03(土) 01:23:08.40ID:rd3eFspL
Good night.

21 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/03(土) 01:29:47.87ID:A8ED2l14
Good evening,

22 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/03(土) 07:20:48.88ID:rd3eFspL
Good morning ERO-san and Jim-san.

23●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/03(土) 10:06:12.24ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san and Ero-san.

24 忍法帖【Lv=9,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/03(土) 12:50:03.41ID:FG5JAnuv
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san Jim-san.

25 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 07:28:44.08ID:FGV5OhyC
Good morning ERO-san Jim-san.
Good night.

26 忍法帖【Lv=9,xxxP】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/04(日) 07:31:14.28ID:shHsoNNc
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
How are you today?

27●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/04(日) 11:06:28.24ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, and Ero-san.

28●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/04(日) 11:08:02.12ID:???
I am looking for the hangover remedy now.

29 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 13:19:46.16ID:FGV5OhyC
>>26 Good afternoon ERO-san Jim-san.
Are you doing today.
I do not go out because of rain.

30【27.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/04(日) 13:25:40.54ID:FGV5OhyC

31 【15.3m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/05(月) 02:30:36.46ID:yjCc0VHf

32【20.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/05(月) 07:39:22.47ID:fjXTC/bi
Good morning.

33 忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/05(月) 07:51:55.89ID:kVuRfgpb
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san Jim-san.
My place also rained yesterday.

34○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/05(月) 09:54:49.59ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, ◆3KemOnO.wI-san and Ero-san.
The Sun gets in my eyes.

35忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/05(月) 12:08:48.34ID:kVuRfgpb
BBSPINKAys-san, What does the number of your name mean?

36(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【39.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/05(月) 21:32:24.15ID:fjXTC/bi
Good evening Jim-san Kemono-san and ERO-san.
The gold medal of Murofushi seems to be commemorative.
Input it into a name field with 'murofusisan'.

37 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/06(火) 07:03:47.22ID:0YTqvl8k
Good morning.

38 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/06(火) 09:59:05.07ID:h3MaE6jR
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

Oh! Murofusi-san! I understand well.
Thank you for your kindness.

39! 【21.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:35:01.96ID:cWF0550B
Good morning all of you. I am sorry I have been very busy these last couple of days.
Oh the shot put is fantastic.
Let me try...")

40 【39.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:36:29.12ID:cWF0550B
One more toss please.

41●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:38:56.55ID:???
Thank you for coaching me on that...:)

42●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/06(火) 13:39:50.32ID:???
Please try again, you are short...:P

43 【22.4m】◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/07(水) 07:17:08.80ID:03BlrlyX
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san..

44 【47.4m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/07(水) 09:55:25.91ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san. It is a beautiful day.

45 【14.1m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/08(木) 02:01:40.94ID:+etrn6sy
I tried again. :>

46 【16.8m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/08(木) 02:02:02.88ID:???

47(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【48.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/08(木) 06:56:19.50ID:wT0v8+Yk
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO-san and Jim-san.

Let's retry.

48忍法帖【Lv=10,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/08(木) 07:33:47.04ID:54BoHp51
Good morning 3KemOnO.wI-san, BBSPINKAys-san, and Jim-san.

49【21.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/08(木) 07:35:41.14ID:54BoHp51
I try.

50Mr.anonymous2011/09/08(木) 08:09:30.17ID:288T+EWu
chinese hotel 86-755-26416666

51 【6m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/08(木) 14:57:36.96ID:???
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Kemomo-san and Ero-san.

52(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【45m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/09(金) 07:19:12.26ID:0fbRBuS2
Good morning ERO-san, Kemoo-san and Jim-san.

53【28m】 忍法帖【Lv=11,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/09(金) 07:36:20.48ID:MZSItPj3
Good morning 3KemOnO.wI-san, BBSPINKAys-san and Jim-san.

54 【58.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 07:53:30.53ID:???
Big toss!
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.

55自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 07:54:51.95ID:???
I think my shot put toss is farther when I am logged on to ●

56 【26.7m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/09(金) 21:31:37.02ID:???
Good night guys.

57(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【52.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/10(土) 06:58:34.52ID:T8Sz8QKx
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO=san and Jim-san.

58 【39.6m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/10(土) 08:17:42.69ID:???
Good morning Kemono-san,ERO=san and BBSPINKAys-san.
Nice throw...:) Wow, you got over 50 meters.

59 【0.5m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/10(土) 10:18:56.47ID:6XGpCpwQ
Good morning.

60(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【19.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/11(日) 07:47:16.11ID:KCPZRn9Z
Good morning ERO-san,Kemono-san and Jim-san.

61 【23.3m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/11(日) 08:00:26.67ID:???
Good morning Ero-san, Kemono-san, and BBSPINKAys-san.

62【22m】 忍法帖【Lv=12,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/11(日) 13:18:36.57ID:3avDgQhI
Good afternoon.
My nose does not stop running for several days. (´・ω・`)

63【36.2m】 忍法帖【Lv=13,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/12(月) 05:25:36.19ID:AzynwxIH
Good morning.

64(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【12.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/12(月) 07:41:00.69ID:mdu9D0y0
Good morning ERO-san.

65 【39.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/12(月) 16:12:45.46ID:???
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.
It sure is hot today. My thermometer says 38.

66 【47.2m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/12(月) 19:26:37.34ID:???
Good night guys.

67【32.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=14,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/13(火) 07:08:58.13ID:2/3siop1
Good morning.

68(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/13(火) 07:36:24.96ID:DvFZcLWB
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.
Today's expected highest temperature, 33 celsius.

69○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/13(火) 07:58:50.27ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san. That is a good

70 【11.9m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/14(水) 07:50:18.99ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.

71【23.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=14,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/14(水) 08:27:40.05ID:cVS2thGz
Good morning Jim-san. How are you today?

72(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【32.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/14(水) 13:14:29.40ID:RcIdwSgO
Good afternoon Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
My room temperature is 31 celsius.

73(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/15(木) 07:01:22.45ID:rAN1+BiI
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

74●jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/15(木) 07:12:46.32ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.

75 【7.6m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/09/15(木) 20:52:45.26ID:hCt1Ww1z
Good evening.

76(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/16(金) 07:44:24.54ID:srzvEnyS
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.

77【28.7m】 忍法帖【Lv=15,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/16(金) 11:50:00.69ID:+/bYbfMc
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

78(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【23.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/17(土) 01:29:06.10ID:XknXcbq9
Good night ERO-san.

79(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【40.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/17(土) 07:12:23.92ID:XknXcbq9
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.

80●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/17(土) 08:36:08.26ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.

81【26.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=19,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/17(土) 10:27:19.86ID:L2NMOYOI
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

Good evening.

83【37m】 忍法帖【Lv=21,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/18(日) 07:46:10.50ID:DN6ERTqN
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

84(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【31.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/18(日) 07:55:16.54ID:jV7uhCyW
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

85【28.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=21,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/19(月) 07:36:19.68ID:dgnhZyyY
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

I heard the sound of explosion before about 20 minutes.
Then, the electric current was cut off.
Because the private power generation worked my Condo,
although electricity returned, I do not understand what happened.

86(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【9.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/19(月) 08:20:42.88ID:l7As8vK9
Good morning ERO-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

What would happen.
It is terrible.

87(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【42m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/20(火) 07:00:17.58ID:CstLjELT
Good morning Jim-san, Kemono-san and ERO-san.

88 【22.2m】 ○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/20(火) 10:04:57.36ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san. I am feeling better
today. The dripping boils from the gods, have dried leaving only marks for
punishment of my black soul.

89 【36.5m】 ●自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/20(火) 10:07:36.75ID:???
Maybe a toss with ● logged in will make me feel better.

90【21.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=22,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 11:15:32.69ID:Q/Rn5VV6
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Jim-san.

I investigated the sound of yesterday's explosion.
However, I had no results.

91【50.9m】 忍法帖【Lv=23,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 23:40:10.06ID:Q/Rn5VV6
Good evening guys.

92 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/20(火) 23:41:59.09ID:Q/Rn5VV6
Try again.

93【36.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=24,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/21(水) 05:03:27.00ID:W/VCGGB+
Good morning.

94(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【2.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/21(水) 07:55:26.47ID:leT2uqPq
Good morning kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
Good night.

95(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【43.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/22(木) 07:22:01.82ID:6PHOTZIB
Good morning.

96【49.5m】 忍法帖【Lv=25,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/22(木) 09:30:14.58ID:gxqmv7/O
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

97 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/22(木) 11:09:35.01ID:gxqmv7/O
Good morning.

98○自夢 ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/23(金) 06:56:35.24ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.

99【42.7m】 忍法帖【Lv=26,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/23(金) 07:20:38.11ID:YmY8Vxpu
Good morning Jim-san.

100(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【26.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/23(金) 08:02:07.99ID:Krpb5TzM
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san.

101【20.6m】 忍法帖【Lv=27,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/23(金) 09:29:17.44ID:YmY8Vxpu
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

102(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【13.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/24(土) 07:06:50.08ID:D9RcDTyf
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san.

103●jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/09/24(土) 07:52:00.92ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Kemono-san and Ero-san.

104【7.6m】 忍法帖【Lv=32,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/24(土) 12:07:06.99ID:ddlKlw6U
Good afternoon.
Manila is a rainy day today.

105【31.4m】 忍法帖【Lv=33,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/24(土) 20:20:09.60ID:ddlKlw6U
Good evening.

106(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【23.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/25(日) 08:03:13.18ID:838cx9Ck
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san.
Did the weather improve?

107【18.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=34,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/25(日) 10:30:13.29ID:PuViUBTo
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
Today's weather report is cloudy and partly sunny.
Today is nice Sunday.

108(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【54.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/25(日) 16:14:15.96ID:838cx9Ck
Good afternoon ERO-san.
It was good to clear.
It is too cool, and it is felt to be cold here morning and evening.

109【18.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=35,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/25(日) 22:39:17.53ID:PuViUBTo
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.
I went to the museum and studied the history of this country today.
That study was interesting for me.

It is a good season in autumn of Japan. I like that season.

110(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【28.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/26(月) 00:35:00.51ID:bPSdUEb4
I'd like to go to the museum.
This summer, one power supply unit has failed.
Again, heat is the enemy for I computers.

I love autumn I would end quickly so sorry.

Good night.

111(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【40.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/26(月) 07:09:09.53ID:bPSdUEb4
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san.

112【45.7m】 忍法帖【Lv=36,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/26(月) 10:31:53.34ID:eGSUXaCx
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
Manila is a rainy day today also. And it is cool here.
I feel that it is hotter than tropical Manila in summer of Japan.

113(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【25m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/27(火) 07:29:38.24ID:LI2cHMgc
Good morning ERO-san.
Now shrouded in thick fog, visibility is the worst.
Minute is better not rain.

114【31.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=37,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/27(火) 08:56:44.10ID:ufwAAy4n
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
The rain of Manila was influence of a typhoon yesterday.
Because that typhoon is coming today, Manila rains.

115(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【45.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/28(水) 07:45:26.55ID:upCxPUWd
Good morning.

116【30.6m】 忍法帖【Lv=39,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/28(水) 13:19:16.43ID:UHiAIqzO
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

117(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【18.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/28(水) 18:55:24.95ID:upCxPUWd
Good evening ERO-san.

Some of the credit card statement

September 07 2011
Local currency amount 33.00/USD
78.841JPY/USD Conversion ratio(September 09)

118【31m】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/29(木) 04:03:17.27ID:VOElufjX
Good morning.

119(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【14.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/29(木) 08:11:08.91ID:b8c0l3JZ
Good morning ERO-san.

120【2.3m】 忍法帖【Lv=39,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/29(木) 11:01:39.51ID:uBsSa30P
Thank you.

121【10.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/09/30(金) 06:01:47.58ID:u8sUFcTx
Good morning.

122(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【16.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/09/30(金) 07:42:22.33ID:JQfuT4VV
Good morning.

123(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【16.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/01(土) 06:38:19.62ID:fGsNZT+u
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san and Kemono-san.

124【31.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/01(土) 09:23:46.96ID:aEcJQFvF
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

125(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【11.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/02(日) 07:33:10.59ID:e15f0Yhf
Good morning.

126【21.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/02(日) 09:41:10.73ID:4UZULtvt
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

127(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/03(月) 07:05:29.22ID:fleQ/H6Z
Good morning Jim-san ERO-ssn.
When not wearing three pieces of the jacket, it's cold.

128【21.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/03(月) 07:38:52.73ID:6PzGQKuG
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
Manila is also a cool morning of 25 temperature.

129jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/10/03(月) 21:40:09.59ID:???
Good morning

130(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【19.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/04(火) 07:09:22.24ID:zw3mYVwm
Good morning Jim-san ERO-ssn.
Philippines because it is like to go warm.

131【20.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/05(水) 00:04:07.18ID:K2CE7dgf
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.
Recent Manila has much rain weather.

132(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【38.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/05(水) 07:13:27.04ID:qKstPXET
Good morning ERO-san Jim-san.
In Japan is going to rain.

133【33.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/05(水) 07:40:46.74ID:K2CE7dgf
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.
Manila is fine this morning.

134jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/10/06(木) 00:15:37.50ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Ero-san and Kemono-san.
The weather is cold here in San Francisco.

135【16.1m】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/06(木) 05:25:48.53ID:LWolCi4u
Good morning Jim-san, BBSPINKAys-san.

136(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【54.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/06(木) 07:36:44.54ID:L6duWMGI
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san.
Now is the high humidity in the rain would clear up well.

137◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/06(木) 08:40:18.29ID:LWolCi4u
Manila is a cloudy morning.
The building which exists in the distance does not look clear.

138Mr.anonymous2011/10/07(金) 00:21:08.54ID:???

139(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【22.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/07(金) 00:56:56.31ID:5zsW2Rfh
Laundry dried well.
Good night.

140(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【36.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/07(金) 07:19:50.91ID:5zsW2Rfh
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san.
Good night.

141(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【52.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/08(土) 08:08:46.20ID:5mN6pCi5
Good morning.

142【28.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/08(土) 10:04:54.46ID:OV31kOvG
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I had fever with cold.
However, I returned to normal body temperature this morning.

143(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【26.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/08(土) 20:07:43.72ID:Mc+Gz0PU
Good evening ERO-san.

Yesterday I also was bleeding from the mouth to the cured overnight.
Each other, careful to health.

144【39.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/08(土) 20:40:37.73ID:S50HAzDx
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

My body temperature got normally. However, I have hives now.
Maybe, my physical stamina has fallen. (´・ω・`)

145(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【38.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/09(日) 07:37:54.39ID:VZYSvlo8
Good morning Jim-san ERO-san.

ERO-san is a bit of strength or recovered?
I still have pain in his right knee, will work out.

146(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【35.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/10(月) 00:58:08.14ID:GTndAAQT
Good night.

147(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【25.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/10(月) 07:41:37.50ID:NBu+eoDo
Good morning.

148Anonimous4 ◆UNV0Soc9Us 2011/10/10(月) 14:16:49.61ID:t04tTkl1
Hello.. Good afternoon

149Anonimous5 ◆HOZlQYR1MY 2011/10/10(月) 14:29:41.95ID:t04tTkl1
Good afternoon too.

150Anonimous5 ◆HOZlQYR1MY 2011/10/10(月) 14:30:33.83ID:t04tTkl1
Good afternoon too.

151【22.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/10(月) 19:24:49.53ID:Pep4WVlG
Good evening BBSPINKAy-san, Anonimous-san.

152(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【24.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/10(月) 22:25:02.09ID:NBu+eoDo
Good evening ERO-san, Anonimous-san.

153(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【35m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/11(火) 07:47:26.54ID:D/13Iru5
Good morning.

154 【16.4m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/10/11(火) 21:10:39.38ID:OTXxCXjs
Good evening.

155【25.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/11(火) 21:42:25.12ID:J439nC7f
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, 3KemOnO.wI-san.

156(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【40.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/11(火) 23:09:46.06ID:TKwsYgNl
Good evening kemono-san, ERO-san.

When carrying out the walking, it is involved in a strange person and was just going to be taken to the police by the person's car.
It positively refused, and it came back and was a correct answer.
I thought whether to be killed.

157(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【11.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/12(水) 00:34:43.49ID:YN/sUSQ3
Good night.

158(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【25.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/12(水) 06:42:58.51ID:FLkI0IHT
Good morning ERO-san, kemono-san.

159【24.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/12(水) 21:00:12.79ID:JGYtQhfa
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

160(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【41.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/12(水) 23:31:41.09ID:FLkI0IHT
Good evening ERO-san.
A good weather also seems to be one pause by the end of tomorrow.

161(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【35.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/13(木) 00:37:49.22ID:4Ax93t4h
Good night.

162(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【22.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/13(木) 07:04:21.76ID:QjSsOMrw
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san and kemono-san.

163【53.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/13(木) 09:20:13.29ID:u1u1AlPX
Good morning.

164(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【17.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/14(金) 07:02:32.37ID:4IKIzlLO
Good morning.

165【25.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/14(金) 12:29:58.37ID:A/a0+f7O
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

166jim ◆IamTAAl4HA 2011/10/14(金) 21:17:53.11ID:???
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, and Ero-san.

167(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【38.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/15(土) 07:38:26.76ID:7QVlW5D8
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san.
Good night.

168【2.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/15(土) 09:57:03.02ID:KsGiToQ1
Good morning. BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san.

169Mr.anonymous2011/10/15(土) 17:05:33.70ID:???

170(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【55.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/15(土) 23:07:40.71ID:7QVlW5D8
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san.

171Mr.anonymous2011/10/15(土) 23:12:16.15ID:???

172 【18.7m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/10/16(日) 00:59:25.07ID:R0pqDeH7
Good night.

173(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【50.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/16(日) 07:23:18.57ID:r3o8sxh1
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.
Good night.

174Mr.anonymous2011/10/17(月) 02:13:54.61ID:5I4f4e2x
wonder how many of u guys r real foreigners here...

175(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【17.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/17(月) 07:08:58.50ID:dQcfiI91
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

176【22m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/17(月) 14:03:35.25ID:MGLjXWqq
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

177(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【23.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/18(火) 07:40:26.31ID:D7xwBkPZ
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

The spin rise of an external hard drive became impossible at last.
Its setup is troublesome although alternative external enclosure occurs.

178【11.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/18(火) 12:07:46.28ID:ufpfKg16
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

179(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【26.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/19(水) 23:58:37.97ID:wKAOC6Tz
Good evening.

180(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【25.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/20(木) 07:12:42.36ID:qBxwFrTy
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san and Kemono-san.

181【34.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/20(木) 11:04:17.53ID:vOtsUnw4
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

182(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【31.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/21(金) 07:06:25.41ID:yrGlLqKM
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

183【18.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/21(金) 10:14:53.48ID:wuC7MQQc
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

184(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【3.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/22(土) 06:59:53.08ID:0zh4Ve+M
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

185【42.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/22(土) 08:25:40.69ID:y5DmUjKA
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

186(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【11.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/23(日) 07:07:06.12ID:pDn33140
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

187【38.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/23(日) 08:38:49.86ID:HEIY/BFa
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.
It is beautiful Sunday morning today.

188(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【21.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/23(日) 22:05:38.63ID:pDn33140
Good evening ERO-san.
Although it rained during the morning, the weather improved from the afternoon.

.The capacitor which expanded was removed from the broken power supply.
And the capacitor of the substitute was ordered.

189(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【36m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/23(日) 22:10:07.74ID:pDn33140
Much time was spent in order to investigate a required capacitor.
There is a log which is not read in several of these days a lot.

190(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【43.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/24(月) 00:47:38.85ID:jnCwXEme
Good night.

191 【4m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/10/24(月) 03:26:50.04ID:g5LYsz3Q
Good night.

192(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【39.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/24(月) 07:16:34.38ID:jnCwXEme
Good morning Kemono-san, Jim-san and ERO-san.

193【23.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/24(月) 11:31:31.62ID:J1Y+NuM1
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

My desktop PC has also broken.
I would like to fix that. However, I do not have a margin of time. (´・ω・`)

194(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【3.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/24(月) 13:44:33.40ID:jnCwXEme
Good afternoon ERO-san.

ERO-san is very busy.
There is almost nothing time for you to fix.

195(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【20.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/25(火) 07:16:39.39ID:mlZMgQoG
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

196【16.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/25(火) 13:06:32.99ID:Da455v2I
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Desktop PC of Jim-san has also broken currently. ww
It seems that and Jim-san is also busy.

197(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【20.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/26(水) 11:39:43.59ID:rwUth4St
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

198(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【40m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/27(木) 07:11:52.52ID:f6ALDVz4
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is worrisome that Jim-san's PC is broken down.
The Philippines is warm temperature.
It is cold here, and unless it is wearing thick clothes, it cannot bear.
It is very weak for me to be cold.


200【38.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/27(木) 22:06:15.69ID:K4ejw9C/
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Yes, The Philippines is everlasting summer.
The Philippines is a good season from December to March.

201(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【28.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/27(木) 23:12:28.57ID:JwJjZseO
Good evening ERO-san.

The Philippines seems to be comfortable for me.
However, the purchase of a Japanese comic, anime & game seems to be difficult.
It cannot make a living, if I can be deprived of a comic.

202(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【31m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/28(金) 07:23:35.22ID:c9pljJri
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san and Kemono-san.

203【45.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/28(金) 11:50:12.15ID:C9yPz8r1
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

Comics of Japan can be bought in Manila. However, these are translated into English. ww
If these are handling by Amazon of Japan, the delivery to the Philippines is possible.
And there is a maid cafe in Manila. They say. "Okaerinasai-mase Goshujin-sama" wwww

204(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【34.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/28(金) 22:34:58.13ID:c9pljJri
Good evening ERO-san.

In the city that is chaos the shin, the place called Manila.
It is surprise that it is to a maid cafe at me.

205【16.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/29(土) 18:31:36.37ID:6fRC2ByH
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

Manila is a big city.
Maybe, you will be surprised if you come to Manila.

206(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【36.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/29(土) 23:26:57.21ID:qD3CUzz8
Good evening ERO-san.

The country in which I live is another world which is completely different.

207【19.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/10/30(日) 09:48:02.05ID:3DPN7LOy
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I was surprised when I also came to Manila for the first time. Manila is not the provinces.
I buy coffee in Starbucks for on foot 3 minutes, and am drinking in the room this morning.
It will get hot in Manila today.

208 【10.1m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2011/10/31(月) 03:22:22.85ID:dER9wMuj
Good night.

209(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【29.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/31(月) 07:09:57.85ID:NK2jJIBN
Good morning Jim-san, Kemono-san and ERO-san.

210(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【37.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/10/31(月) 18:50:43.54ID:bPqmrD0e
Good evening.

It takes 1 hour, even if it uses a railroad to a place with Starbucks.
It is too far.

211(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【49m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/01(火) 07:30:28.39ID:lu+rtY01
Good morning Kemono-san, ERO-san and Jim-san.

212(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【34.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/02(水) 07:08:26.43ID:SVe0S0yD
Good morning Jim-san, ERO-san and Kemono-san.

213【34.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/02(水) 10:57:57.73ID:7sBn6lT8
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Manila is a convenient city.
However, there are too many people.
I would like to live in the provinces in the future.

214【29.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/03(木) 09:18:15.90ID:J6gmRZ1g
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.
I have a fever of cold again. I take a rest in my room today. (´・ω・`)

215(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【29.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/03(木) 12:01:28.75ID:DexWbIbN
Good afternoon ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

You had better rest more.
After it is not good for health.

216(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【10.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/04(金) 07:38:33.54ID:tSfMtWHV
Good morning Kemono-san, Jim-san and ERO-san.
Good night.

217【22.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/05(土) 07:32:34.61ID:aPunw2D/
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

My health condition got good. The medicine of the Philippines is very well effective.

218(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【16.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/05(土) 12:50:06.46ID:XB3/thUC
Good afternoon ERO-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

You became healthy.
It was good.
The aluminum electrolytic capacitor required for repair of a power supply was assembled briefly.
But, it had been forgotten to order a hot bond.

219【14m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/06(日) 07:37:43.76ID:VxnToeRc
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Thank you.
It is 3 minutes' walk from my home to a home center.

220(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【33.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/07(月) 00:19:59.97ID:F+a/nIFd
Nearest home center takes time on foot for 40 minutes.

Good night.

221(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【34.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/08(火) 07:30:41.02ID:wHHNyQUD
Good morning Jim-san, Kemono-san and ERO-san.

222【20.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/08(火) 11:11:22.53ID:He3csWLl
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Maybe, that is good exercise.

223(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【36.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/10(木) 07:22:04.56ID:h5EzWgn8
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It became a calm body even if I walked about twenty km.
If there is an opportunity -- a forty-km walking -- I would like to do.

224【33.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/10(木) 17:40:11.11ID:wPgrfAfm
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

I walk to the office every day. That distance is 1 km of one way.
It is very good healthily to walk.

225(ノ・∀・)ノ⌒● 【33.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/12(土) 12:02:38.28ID:DTpyDbLB
Good afternoon ERO-ssn, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Walking every day is very healthy.
Since a commemoration train operates it locally, it goes to see later.

226【36.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/13(日) 18:30:28.25ID:qye+I++e
Good evening.

227【16.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/13(日) 18:35:08.36ID:hc5Hl+kU
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Did you enjoy seeing the train?
I am enjoying this weekend.

228Mr.anonymous2011/11/14(月) 00:08:08.50ID:???

229【28.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/14(月) 19:28:24.76ID:YfBFj+Vg
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It was extremely unusual for the diesel train of the express to run by a route only for local train,
and the special head mark was seen, and it was on the good weekend. (non-electrification route)

230【11.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/15(火) 13:07:24.74ID:OPoGzJMW
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

That is good.
My friend and I enjoyed the tropical sea.
That was a wonderful weekend.

231【44.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/16(水) 07:26:14.58ID:OgKC6AS4
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I would also like to go to the sea.
But probably it cannot swim.
Yaeyama Islands performed eight years ago had the very beautiful sea.

232【6.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/16(水) 12:25:08.44ID:/afxBObb
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

The sea of Yaeyama is wonderful. I love that sea.
The sea of the place at which I stayed is also beautiful.
However, though regrettable, that sea does not have coral.

233【24.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/17(木) 18:25:23.07ID:y7e/vo/V
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I forget whether coral was seen.
That it was an uncanny good place remembers.
I would like to go to an anyhow warm place now.

234【49m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/18(金) 07:16:00.75ID:+aFYHEEY
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Since there was no radiative cooling by a blur, it is warmer than yesterday.
Rain is more anxious than it today.

235【36.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/18(金) 11:00:26.57ID:1nPXA9/P
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

It is hot in today's Manila.
I like winter of Japan. That is hard weather.
And that is beautiful. And that has delicious food.

236【37.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/18(金) 22:04:04.39ID:+aFYHEEY
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is the climate which is not kind to a computer.
However, to me, it is easy to pass at least it.
One of the delicious things to eat in winter, a meat-filled steamed bun.
When I tried to have bought it in a supermarket, it had changed to the small and expensive thing.

237【39.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/19(土) 07:12:27.67ID:juqiLIrG
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is rainy daylong today.

238【28.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/19(土) 12:21:52.34ID:uSzCoC8h
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

Oh! Niku-man! And I am favorite in the Japanese oden of a convenience store.
However, it is hot in Manila today.

239【14.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/20(日) 00:14:55.25ID:d2vOX5mB
I also love Oden.
Supper of the day before yesterday and yesterday was Sukiyaki.

Good night.

240【24.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/20(日) 07:34:49.44ID:d2vOX5mB
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

241【7.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/20(日) 09:02:26.69ID:KARwrokS
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.
Happy birthday Jim-san!!

My dinner was Aji-no-tataki, Shirasu-oroshi, and shumai.
That horse mackerel (Aji) was delicious.

242【28.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/21(月) 00:03:42.79ID:VumpBDV4
Good evening ERO-san.

It seems to be very delicious.
I want to eat a fish, too.
Signs that the maximum temperature falls by no less than 10 ℃ from tomorrow.
With every effort the protection against the cold vs. plot it.

243【37.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/21(月) 12:34:20.72ID:bNMSDaLV
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

I ate Sashimi of a fish called Lapu-Lapu last night.
That was delicious with the white fish.

The weather of winter of Japan is hard.
However, it is wonderful that there are many delicious fish in winter of Japan.

244【35.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/22(火) 07:21:59.73ID:WyrPGvrg
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Yesterday supper was a salmon and delicious.
Hokkaido during winter is a treasury of delicious fish and shellfishes.
It was likely to be frozen by the hand when I hung out the washing to dry.

245【8.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/22(火) 22:13:59.93ID:mhGEh1yU
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

I remembered the taste of the salmon with much fat.
I would like to eat a fish. I will go out for from now on eating dinner.

246【30.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/23(水) 07:32:19.80ID:gLyhw2dp
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It has left a few, although breakfast also ate a salmon.
From it, it seems to be very cold and the washing is likely to freeze.

247【51.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/23(水) 10:57:08.07ID:ehQNhU8Z
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and kemono-san.

It is cool also in Manila today. That temperature is about 27 degrees.

248【24.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/24(木) 07:20:48.37ID:8CtHsrxq
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I would also like to go to Manila and to get warm.
In a wind, it is strong and my body is likely to be blown away today.

249【37.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/24(木) 09:09:44.03ID:PCYnEaXm
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

If you come to Manila, we will welcome.
And we will go to a beautiful sea resort.

250【42.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/25(金) 07:23:38.62ID:BJMnrHh/
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Thank you for showing the very beautiful sea.
The beautiful sea must have been seen until it reclaimed land also from my home country.

251【51.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/25(金) 13:00:52.44ID:1UoQ+ozN
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Do you know who the person who is in the center of the photo of that sea is?

252【26.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/25(金) 22:15:59.30ID:jHiDPZGi
Good evening ERO-san.

Possibly Jim-san?

253【44.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/25(金) 23:34:57.45ID:1UoQ+ozN
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Yes, He was doing good exercise.

254【29.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/26(土) 07:49:32.11ID:21Knl2zs
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

What exercise was Jim-san doing?
sunscreen -- is it indispensable?
There is no swimming suit for swimming.

To prevent freeze to death, go to bed with warm duvet.
Good night.

255【24.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/28(月) 07:12:36.76ID:hjO/hM12
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Although it is cloudy now, temperature is due to rise openly.

256【45m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/11/28(月) 18:50:30.03ID:5nv2yiQM
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Maybe, he wore the swimming suit.

It seems that Japan got winter.
Manila is getting a little cool. Manila will get the dry season next month.

257【39.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/11/29(火) 07:13:41.26ID:tQj6EXOR
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Jim-san is fine.
Are you also fine?

Temperature is a sudden rise today.
It takes care about health.
Although it was humid yesterday, it is likely to fall from today.

258【29.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/01(木) 14:36:23.92ID:YTaUGdwy
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I am also fine.
A peal of thunder does now just outside.
It seems that it began to rain.

259【29.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/01(木) 18:42:37.39ID:pSyQS/jq
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

You could also be fine.
Since it seems that temperature falls and it will rain tomorrow, it takes care.

260【39.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/02(金) 08:52:10.75ID:7homj73c
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It stopped yesterday's raining at once.
Tropical rain is intense and a in a short time.

261【42m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/04(日) 08:25:08.83ID:Zad9tOOB
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It stopped raining and the good blue sky has spread also here.
To it, it is not so cold.

262【16.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/04(日) 15:41:25.55ID:MXxM4Ymx
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is cold in Manila with rain today. That is about 24 degrees.
My friend was shuddering with cold. I also feel this it is cold.

263Mr.anonymous2011/12/05(月) 14:11:16.43ID:???

264【18m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/07(水) 07:26:29.26ID:VvH9hQ+k
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

When I went to take a newspaper around 6:00 a.m., it was raining, but the blue sky has spread now.
The present room temperature of 13 celsius.

265【41.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/07(水) 15:25:57.33ID:ZRvJhkBC
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Manila rains for several days. This is weather rare at the current time.

266sbm210-128-58-11.bmobile.ne.jp2011/12/07(水) 19:34:28.54ID:???

267【18m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/09(金) 07:26:33.79ID:Ns9eLYR3
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

A cold wind blows strongly and is very cold.

268【22m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/09(金) 11:28:33.58ID:ZpioCjxV
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

In Manila, it is raining from this morning.
"I want high rubber boots." " The rain from the morning here is rare. "
I did the above talks.
Pronunciation "rubber" and "rare" are very difficult for me.
The surrounding people laughed.

269【25.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/12(月) 00:12:02.55ID:0j78zBEk
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is difficult for me to pronounce 'r' and 'l' correctly.
Moreover, it is also difficult to recognize.

270【27.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/13(火) 16:09:47.73ID:qOYizGNK
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Yes, I think so, too.

271【39m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/17(土) 18:17:21.23ID:DCoirYBd
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

The temperature of the its room became a single figure.
I cannot bear half a year also, either.

272Mr.anonymous2011/12/18(日) 11:07:12.52ID:???

273【12.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/18(日) 20:43:40.43ID:4umK+W2U
Good eveningBBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

The typhoon passed through the neighborhood here.
Manila has many rainy days for such a reason recently.

274【34.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/19(月) 01:02:17.10ID:DJ/qfd+h
In the area in which I live, since there are few typhoons, I think that it is still good.

Good night.

275Mr.anonymous2011/12/19(月) 11:39:35.53ID:2S7bnvkO

276【31.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/20(火) 20:47:21.28ID:KYoaaSqK
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Many people were killed by this typhoon.
That is a sad occurrence although my place did not have a problem.

277Mr.anonymous2011/12/22(木) 01:49:29.66ID:JNQ7uuXE
Good evening

278Mr.anonymous2011/12/25(日) 19:06:27.07ID:???

279Mr.anonymous2011/12/28(水) 05:07:27.00ID:???

280【45m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/28(水) 11:45:36.77ID:ynkGMIU0
Good morning Guys. How are you today?

Japanese cannot be used with this board.

281【47.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2011/12/28(水) 22:30:06.95ID:qVcAPqEy
Good evening ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

The damage of the typhoon was encountered and much people were killed in the nearby prefecture.

The hand that the day of less than 10 degrees will continue for many days,
and the maximum temperature strikes a keyboard is very cold.

282【40.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/29(木) 17:55:23.59ID:w8UDMwef
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san and guys.

There were many disasters in Japan this year.
Moreover, many people were killed by the typhoon also in the Philippines.
I am sad about these. I hope a good year next year.

Recent Manila is cool and comfortable weather.
Because the Office did year-end cleaning, it is very beautiful.

283【19.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2011/12/30(金) 13:46:41.47ID:FaqMYnRr
Good afternoon guys.

284 【9.5m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2012/01/01(日) 00:03:23.91ID:crT1xKcM
Happy New Year!

285【36.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/01(日) 07:00:16.83ID:mPWhuqCE
Happy new year BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

286【35.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/01/01(日) 16:57:49.36ID:gH5xPxNy
>284>285 Happy new year Kemono-san Jim-san and ERO-san.

287 【大吉】 【1944円】【38.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/01/01(日) 23:10:59.99ID:gH5xPxNy
Good evening.

288【46.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/02(月) 05:23:13.90ID:U3if6JrS
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

289!omikuji2012/01/02(月) 17:25:27.67ID:???

290【27.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/01/11(水) 00:10:49.59ID:pYrVeJ2Q
Good evening.

291 【16.3m】 ◆3KemOnO.wI 2012/01/13(金) 21:19:31.96ID:tQGBUKxg
Good evening.

292Mr.anonymous2012/01/15(日) 11:08:40.22ID:???

293Mr.anonymous2012/01/16(月) 20:49:31.07ID:???

294商品の品質2012/01/17(火) 00:32:58.04ID:nbG4e4/9
は本人を通って自ら検査?測定します. 100%品質保証!

295 【33.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/18(水) 23:21:36.26ID:OL9Bm+iM
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

296Mr.anonymous2012/01/19(木) 08:37:36.70ID:???
holy shit

297【34.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/19(木) 11:22:28.33ID:+W4teqhm
Good morning guys.

Do you have a disagreeable thing?

298【26.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/01/19(木) 18:42:48.05ID:yMoYlQhu
Good evening ERO-san.
Since a too much cold day continues, in steps, I become enervated.

299【18.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/21(土) 09:02:30.92ID:aoFF0Hd7
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.


300Mr.anonymous2012/01/24(火) 01:13:53.00ID:???

301【31.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/01/27(金) 13:26:50.31ID:R7sIyQvj

302Mr.anonymous2012/01/30(月) 09:52:32.87ID:vYv1XT3W

303【21.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/02/02(木) 07:08:02.79ID:puzKPVli
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san..

304【28.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/02/02(木) 11:13:37.29ID:zwraGW7r
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

305Mr.anonymous2012/02/06(月) 12:34:35.44ID:MXZ28Hq0

306【31.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/02/14(火) 07:23:00.78ID:ywn+d2po
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

307【30.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/02/14(火) 11:15:53.21ID:AKE1mL9p
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Recent Manila during some days rained.
However, it is fine today. It will get hot in today's Manila.

308○ 【30.5m】 ◇EROyVmNwwM2012/02/14(火) 11:18:30.53ID:eHFCBwYu
Updating information http://updating.sblo.jp/

309【28.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/02/17(金) 07:30:34.33ID:olAsoMph
>307 Good morning ERO-san.

Seemingly, it is hot in Manila also in this season.
In the area in which I live, the maximum temperature is 10 ℃ or less as usual.

310【12.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/02/17(金) 12:57:23.53ID:YmXHqcWU
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Manila is the dry season now. However, it rained for a long time yesterday also.
The rain of usual Manila falls only in a short time. Yesterday's rain looked like Tsuyu of Japan.
And we wear the short-sleeved shirt.

311Mr.anonymous2012/02/18(土) 23:50:07.61ID:???

312【15m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/02/21(火) 07:57:15.67ID:tDUm8N/C
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

313【36.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/02/21(火) 17:05:44.36ID:szuBTCA2
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

314【35.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/02/21(火) 17:08:19.33ID:szuBTCA2
Today's Manila is strong sunrays.
It will get hot in Manila gradually from now on.

315Murofusi-san!2012/02/23(木) 14:13:25.02ID:???

316!Murofusi-san2012/02/23(木) 14:14:23.38ID:???

317【23.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/02/29(水) 06:51:42.05ID:uYHbv9GU
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is expected to rain during the morning.
I cannot hang out the washing to dry.

318【36.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/03/03(土) 20:11:19.43ID:S4uDnZyL
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Today's Manila is the weather of summer.
Sunlight was very strong and it was hot.
It is in April and May in the summer of the Philippines.

319Mr.anonymous2012/03/11(日) 16:06:43.20ID:J5Y9v/RW

     △  ¥ ▲
    (  皿 )  がしゃーん
    (        )
   /│  肉  │\         がしゃーん
  <  \____/  >
      ┃   ┃
      =   =


320【21.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/03/15(木) 06:59:01.95ID:zCNSV15o
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

With the rise of temperature, scattering of pollen started.

321【46.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/03/21(水) 07:26:54.37ID:Yf4TZdAr
Good morning.

322Mr.anonymous2012/03/21(水) 23:31:46.41ID:HF+jM3+3
I want American no panty woman riding gardenplay .

323【19.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/03/24(土) 07:08:34.63ID:x56Br5JR
Good morning.

324【29.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/03/24(土) 22:46:39.25ID:Z3zftAra
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I am super busy recently. (´・ω・`)

325【27.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/03/25(日) 09:01:32.47ID:q3QR9Cfb
Good morning ERO-san.
Good night.

326Mr.anonymous2012/03/26(月) 13:14:38.55ID:zPfhyLfN

327【8.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/04/01(日) 09:08:29.03ID:tnw3iRZt
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

328 【だん吉】【27.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/04/01(日) 09:09:32.22ID:tnw3iRZt

329【0.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/04/03(火) 17:20:45.56ID:EZbA5Vdn
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I have forgotten to do omikuji this month. (´・ω・`)

330【26.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/04/13(金) 07:11:12.88ID:0R0zjdtI
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Friday the thirteenth is today.
It is a omikuji function next month also, and is due to contribute, without fail.

331【38.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/04/14(土) 18:01:29.97ID:M82SlxG9
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I like Omikuji.
However, I forget to sometimes do that.

332【18m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/01(火) 07:00:17.98ID:ps8z12br
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

333【25.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/01(火) 18:34:10.54ID:hyOUOG6u
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

334 【豚】【28.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/01(火) 21:51:50.23ID:ps8z12br
Good evening ERO-san.
Let's try, !omikuji.

335 【だん吉】【29.1m】 ◆BBSPINKNNnJV 2012/05/01(火) 21:53:09.60ID:ps8z12br

336 【大吉】【24.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/01(火) 22:18:38.70ID:hyOUOG6u
I forgot that today is at the beginning of a month.

337【48.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/01(火) 22:19:46.26ID:hyOUOG6u
I am glad by wonderful fortune.

338【34.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/10(木) 06:52:16.65ID:iv5QkjQU
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

A fortune will come to you.

339【22.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/10(木) 18:39:02.34ID:IPXGTqDM
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Thank you. I am happiness recently.

340【19.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/11(金) 06:50:57.59ID:q62/ZuMI
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is fairly cool and cold today.
It takes care so that he may not upset health.

341【43.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/12(土) 06:41:59.14ID:cj2qsTmj
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.
Good night.

342【17m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/12(土) 19:36:50.08ID:YECewMNo
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Manila is moist heat recently.

343【36.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/17(木) 07:05:51.76ID:svbgbozp
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Still, it is not hot here.
Change of temperature is large and the influence on the body is anxious.

344【41.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/20(日) 20:28:07.67ID:4hoH326x
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

In Manila, it is raining from the evening.

345Mr.anonymous2012/05/22(火) 00:35:54.32ID:OCMNlAFu

346Mr.anonymous2012/05/23(水) 23:13:09.57ID:???
My Twitter account follow me!!(:-]


347【24.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/05/25(金) 07:00:20.99ID:575XuMl3
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

In this place and Manila, there seem to be differences more than 10 degrees.

348【34.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/05/29(火) 14:49:54.25ID:Q/Rn5VV6
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It is hot in recent Manila. Manila gets the rainy season soon.
If Manila gets the rainy season, it will be cool and will become easy to live.

349【36.3m】 【大吉】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/01(金) 00:57:57.90ID:yMwcw3UE
>348 Good evening ERO-san.

Gifu Prefecture completely different from Manila.
The cool day follows that it is in June.
The present room temperature is 26 degrees.

Let's post without forgetting a "omikuji".

Good night.

350【40.3m】 【小吉】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/01(金) 06:41:03.42ID:yMwcw3UE
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

Good night.

351【41.9m】 【凶】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/01(金) 21:22:43.21ID:pLe790kK
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

There is a tropical depression in the east in the Philippines.
The tropical depression has not moved for some days recently.
Therefore, in recent Manila, it rains frequently.

352【41.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/01(金) 21:23:24.58ID:pLe790kK
Oh! no!!!

353【38.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/02(土) 15:17:11.54ID:gAsG8qpt
Good afternoon ERO-san.

It should just stop raining early.
It worries about whether it becomes a flood.
I recommend you to post until it draws a good lot.

354【33.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/03(日) 13:37:16.21ID:oo7TmENv
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

Manila had influence of a typhoon till last night. That rain was hard yesterday and the day before yesterday.
The place in which I live does not have the worries about a flood. I chose the safe place.
Today's Manila is fine although there are clouds.

355【40.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/22(金) 07:11:53.40ID:rJkRJO5H
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

A typhoon is over, and rain stops, and it seems to become fine.
And it is the forecast of the temperature sudden rise.

Good night.

356【18.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/25(月) 07:07:18.26ID:liwU/jCi
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

It expects stopping, although it is raining now.

357【6.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/25(月) 13:09:44.26ID:/TkRgtVz
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

It rained heavily in the early morning in Manila. It is fine now.
And there is a tropical cyclone which grows up to be the east in the Philippines after this, and gets a typhoon.

358【26.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/26(火) 14:51:21.41ID:zgsmtsqC
Good afternoon ERO-san.

I pray that flood damage is not encountered.
It looks like rain here soon.
It is a walking enforcement schedule of 8 km/h because of the compensation for lack of exercise.

359【34m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/26(火) 16:06:37.11ID:WhEnM3Fq
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

That is still Tropical Depression. And that is moving toward Luzon slowly.
I feel that 8 km/h is very fast.
I am walking about 10000 steps in one day. That speed is 4 or 5 km/h.
I think that it is good for health to walk.

360Mr.anonymous2012/06/26(火) 16:37:18.23ID:mHQTGsdH
desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu desu

361【52.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/26(火) 22:16:35.44ID:zgsmtsqC
Good evening ERO-san.

You who walk no less than 10,000 steps think that you are quite healthy.
It did not rain after all but became sunset.
Although I aimed at 8 km/h, it became the speed of 6 km as usual.
Since there is a schedule which walks this week more mostly than 20 km, I do my best.

362【41.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/27(水) 07:16:39.28ID:KyLnanIB
Good morning ERO-san.

A lot of important deletion, thank you for everything.

363【29.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/27(水) 21:03:43.11ID:jO8Iwlsz
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

That typhoon passed the long distance of Manila.
I think that it is good to swim for health. And my Condo has a swimming pool.
However, because I am busy, I am not swimming.


364Mr.anonymous2012/06/27(水) 22:27:58.68ID:0YQMI3GK

365【32.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/28(木) 07:42:06.92ID:ejDYkabf
Good morning ERO-san.

The typhoon which moves slowly is dreadful.

It is very good that there is a swimming pool in the Condo.
Probably I may not swim in being far from swimming from graduation from junior high school now.
The blank of 27 years is big.

Good night.


366【15.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/06/28(木) 19:54:57.37ID:hNZ+owod
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

In Manila, it is sometimes raining heavily under the effect of the typhoon.
However, that is not a violent weather.

I want a margin of a feeling which swims in a swimming pool.
I want to get a little more elegant feeling.

367【43.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/29(金) 00:36:33.12ID:X+SHyZqQ
>>366 Good evening ERo-san.

The typhoon which is present in the north in Manila seems to go west.
Although an intense rainstorm requires a rainwear, I do not have.
The forecast of the day before yesterday and yesterday did not come true.
Therefore, the washing got dry well.

It is difficult for me not to think well and to swim in a pool or the sea.
It is because I have worn glasses with a very powerful degree.
I am very regretful.

Good night.

368【35.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/06/29(金) 06:33:43.06ID:X+SHyZqQ
Good morning ERO-san, Jim-san and Kemono-san.

I am not suitable for the volunteer of BBSPINK.
It is because my post makes displeasure bear against people in many cases.

369 【ぴょん吉】【30.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/01(日) 00:55:26.16ID:2v5tRDfl
Good evening ERO-san.

Trying omikuji……

370 【大凶】【6.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/01(日) 23:48:16.63ID:2v5tRDfl
The second challenge.

371 【凶】【30.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/01(日) 23:49:12.06ID:2v5tRDfl
The third challenge

372 【豚】【33.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/01(日) 23:50:11.65ID:2v5tRDfl
The fourth challenge

373 【中吉】【45.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/01(日) 23:51:06.20ID:2v5tRDfl
The fifth challenge.

374【32.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/07/02(月) 13:52:18.32ID:4JdbMy2t
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I fear Omikuji.
Because, it is Omikuji which is not good my last month, and it happened that it is not good.

The next cyclone is approaching the Philippines.
However, that is less than a typhoon.

My eyesight is bad,too. I am using the contact lens.
And I am using a contact lens and underwater glasses, when swimming.

The person with a fixed handle name is often hated by another people.
I think that it is very difficult to be liked by all the people.
I think that the volunteer does a favorite matter and that it is good to just enjoy that.

375【35.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/02(月) 22:43:09.55ID:/zSFT3W7
Good evening ERO-san.

It is not necessary to fear a omikuji.
What is necessary is just to challenge until a good result comes out.

I am poor at a contact lens.
The way of glasses is a reason for being convenient to me.

The fixed handle was struck and is considered to be a natural existence.
I'm posting, after agreeing to be struck.

376Mr.anonymous2012/07/02(月) 23:14:46.90ID:???

377【15.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/07/04(水) 17:54:01.33ID:H1cGA9Rt
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I am fainthearted now.
I will not be Gennki if a result bad at Omikuji comes out.

A contact lens is comfortable and convenient. And it is not so expensive.

I want that you enjoy yourself by BBS.

378Mr.anonymous2012/07/04(水) 17:59:06.30ID:???

379【25.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/06(金) 00:33:23.19ID:dLln4gUY
>>377 Good evening ERO-san.

A contact lens is incongruent to me.
It is because eyelashes stick to my eyes well and eyes are washed in comparatively many cases.
Nine pin connectors of an IEEE1994b interface card came off on yesterday morning.
The power supply unit of external enclosure completed repair safely, and passed half a year.
However, since I lost the connection means, I have to purchase an IEEE1394b interface card newly.

Automatic renewal of 2ch viewer will be stopped when it becomes impossible for me to enjoy BBSPINK.
But that is not considered at all now.

380【40m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/10(火) 01:03:31.41ID:Yr/jrwEP
Good evening ERO-san.

A good thing is not found although I looked for the IEEE1394b interface card.

Good night.

381【20.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/07/15(日) 22:13:01.85ID:cL8gx124
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I am happy to repair the pele server's bad condition.

382【7.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/16(月) 11:18:25.52ID:epfMb7VN
>>381 Good morning ERO-san.

To the person who did his best in order to return, I convey the words of gratitude.
Thank you.

383 忍法帖【Lv=24,xxxPT】 2012/07/19(木) 23:09:27.68ID:???

384ninja!2012/07/21(土) 02:57:54.19ID:KJJAsto+

385!ninja2012/07/21(土) 02:58:50.04ID:KJJAsto+

386Mr.anonymous2012/07/22(日) 16:03:47.70ID:???
などの論理的間違いをビシッと解説ちう m9(`・ω・)<ビシ
義務教育では教えない 感情自己責任論

387Mr.anonymous2012/07/22(日) 21:25:30.36ID:???

388【29.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/24(火) 07:02:00.62ID:0Fb0kueI
Good morning ERO-san.

Good night.

389【17.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/07/27(金) 19:22:15.25ID:WSEF9cg7
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

Manila has much rain weather recently.
However, probably it is not hotter than Japan.

390【37.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/28(土) 00:27:23.29ID:NmQMdt7S
Good evening ERO-san.

The 38.5 maximum temperature was recorded in the neighboring town of the place in which I live.
A computer is not calm although my body is calm.
A machine may break like last year.

391Mr.anonymous2012/07/28(土) 01:47:41.81ID:???

392【23.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/07/28(土) 07:40:40.91ID:goDqSxMp
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

It is in terrible condition for man and PC in summer of Japan. That is more violent than the Torrid Zone.
You may be good to open the cover of PC and to use an electric fan.
The temperature of now Manila is cool at 24 degrees.

393【24.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/07/28(土) 23:14:58.44ID:Pv0YSE+Z
Good evening ERO-san.

It is cool in Manila and it is very good.
The temperature similar to yesterday was recorded today also.
My room went up to 36 degrees, and the hard drive in the computer became 38 degrees.
The computer which I am using has much inhalation volume of an air cooling fan, and has become the big source of noise.

394 【中吉】【31.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/08/01(水) 22:50:00.23ID:ckq3q0bd
Good evening ERO-san.

395Mr.Tommy2012/08/03(金) 17:14:13.13ID:18n79CLw
Hold on .I just want you to know ,there was nothing absolutely correct .

396【2.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/08/12(日) 20:34:44.98ID:1QsSqxaq
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

Rain was heavy this week.
In Manila, there was a rain warning and there was a flood.
The surrounding area of my apartment did not have a problem.
It is because this town has the best infrastructure building.

397【17m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/08/13(月) 07:11:21.36ID:opKT4jK/
>>396 Good morning ERO-san.

It is wonderful that the infrastructure building to which it can be equal even if there is a flood occurs.
Heavy rain fell several days ago around the town in which I live, and it had influence on operation of a railroad.
Since there is a forecast of rain today also, it is careful.

398【21.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/08/14(火) 09:28:03.26ID:RWoH0Bag
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

The government had the release that about 100 people died by that heavy rain.
I think that this number will increase from now on.
And the typhoon No. 13 is nearing Luzon. I want that a calamity does not happen by that.

399Mr.anonymous2012/08/15(水) 07:45:02.43ID:0WuUb/PT
It is hot.

400【37.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/08/21(火) 00:47:22.95ID:n7/HP8RC
>398 Good evening ERO-san.

A severe disaster is unidentified in Japan.
Although the sultry night continues, I am bearing.

Four hundred get

Good night.

401Mr.anonymous2012/08/24(金) 10:20:51.92ID:lspZMokx

402Mr.anonymous2012/08/27(月) 17:36:14.61ID:367ieuIa

403 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 2012/09/02(日) 16:29:52.20ID:???

404Mr.anonymous2012/09/05(水) 04:09:16.77ID:???

405【10.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/09(日) 20:45:42.57ID:ZHC1W1kS
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

My friend went back from Manila to Japan a few days ago.
The friend sent mail that it was hotter than the Torrid Zone in Japan to me by e-mail.

406【21.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/10(月) 06:51:43.77ID:uxWQPrWr
>405 Good morning ERO-san.

Daytime is hot also in the place in which I live.
However, it became cool a morning and night.
I drank up 2.5 liters of brought water altogether mostly several days at the time of the above or a beam.
I pray so that your condition may become good.

Good night.

407Mr.anonymous2012/09/10(月) 08:13:44.30ID:sC7FZg+X
ガガミラノ 時計|
ガガ ミラノガガ・ミラノ[GaGa MILANO]
ガガ・ミラノ[GaGa MILANO]
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408【23.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/10(月) 11:25:55.45ID:WznuP9bj
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I thank your kindly words. I am fine now.
I hope that Japan gets early to the good season of autumn.

Because it is hot here, I also drink many drinks.
I like barley tea and cold jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is very refreshing.

409ch2chat2012/09/10(月) 11:56:52.56ID:???

410【28.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/10(月) 12:53:47.45ID:uxWQPrWr
>408 Good afternoon ERO-san.

It is very good that you got well.
I think that there were a lot of people who thought so to erobbs@bulletin board user.
A cicada still chirps to show a hot state at the place where I live in. However, it is sure that it is cooler than Manila.
Because I did not drink, I look for the jasmine tea when I went to the supermarket this time.

411【32.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/10(月) 20:16:27.87ID:WznuP9bj
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

It is rare that I meet a cicada or a mosquito in Manila.
It is very wonderful to enjoy Sunset, while I drink beer in the evening.
It is because there is no mosquito which interferes with that.

I am making jasmine tea from tea leaves in the fridge. That is easy and delicious.

412MM2012/09/13(木) 02:27:15.65ID:/wqtSAdb
add some lemon in your cold jasmine tea ^^

413【32.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/13(木) 14:12:21.60ID:kx1aHnM4
Good afternoon MM-san.

Lemon is not popular in the Philippines. That is special.
Fruit like sudachi called Calamansi is used for that use there.
I will do your advice.

414藍住泉一健2012/09/13(木) 22:59:08.25ID:GlRN9ZtS

415Mr.anonymous2012/09/14(金) 03:02:45.59ID:9m4BXx08


416【18.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/15(土) 16:53:43.32ID:cX8BRNcM
Good afternoon ERO-san.

Although jasmine tea was looked for, since the goods of the PET bottle were quite expensive, it gave up.
The tea leaves which may be cheap are looked for.
I was bit by several place mosquito several days ago.
The place in which I live has many flies and mosquitoes.

Thunderstorm came.
Network connection is unstable.

417【23.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/16(日) 22:53:39.35ID:jK87c5tn
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I bought the jasmine tea of Ito En, when I lived in Japan.
I put Chinese-made jasmine tea leaves into a filter, and am making that currently.

At almost all the places in the Philippines, a network condition worsens by rain.
However, that condition of the place in which I live is always good. I thank that.

418【40.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/17(月) 21:29:15.81ID:hVCBd5ge
>>417 Good evening ERO-san.

Good information was able to be acquired.
Thank you.
Since a good discount store is near the station, I go there. >JAN CODE 4901085122136
Your communication environment is lucky.
In my environment, communication goes out temporarily in the arrival of a thunderbolt and a telephone.

419【26.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/17(月) 22:07:02.95ID:kIogzBiR
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I hope that you get a good feeling by jasmine tea

The place in which I live is a place special in the Philippines.
The speed of the Internet is fast and stable. However, that speed is about 5 Mbps.
It was the speed of about 90Mbps which I was using in Japan at real speed. (´・ω・`)

420Mr.anonymous2012/09/18(火) 13:08:54.51ID:aQvv7xVN



421Mr.anonymous2012/09/19(水) 01:42:24.91ID:J+cYkdDw

422【48.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/23(日) 22:22:12.51ID:jP5WlatH
>419 Good evening ERO-san.

It was not found although I went to the discount store in search of jasmine tea.
I am going to go to a different supermarket to search.
After all, you are fortunate.
Because it is 4 times quicker than the communication line which I am using.

423【25.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/09/26(水) 19:39:23.04ID:HUZiAWWb
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I am drinking jasmine tea today also. That is delicious.

The Internet of my room is a monthly amount of about 6000 yen.
My Internet condition was very good in Japan.
Therefore, I was surprised at the current condition.

424【29.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/09/26(水) 22:56:44.02ID:bPVw6HEJ
>423 Good evening ERO-san.

I am not yet found in jasmine tea.
The trip of me who look for jasmine tea has not been finished yet.
Whether can actually purchase consults with a wallet and it determines it.
Probably, communication circumstance of Japan will be too good in order for me to consider.
If I also change service, cheap and very high-speed communication environment will be acquired.
However, I do not want to carry out it.
It is because the main mail accounts used now are lost.

425Mr.anonymous2012/10/09(火) 04:35:23.44ID:XbYTJLIt

426Mr.anonymous2012/10/09(火) 04:37:47.14ID:XbYTJLIt

427Mr.anonymous2012/10/09(火) 04:40:45.74ID:XbYTJLIt

428【29.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/12(金) 06:58:50.04ID:8HhmR+f8
Good morning ERO-san.
It is cold in the area in which I live now.

429【36.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/10/16(火) 11:44:25.82ID:UKnSIGJh
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

My place is also changing a season. That is change to the dry season from the rainy season.
The comfortable season here is in December and January. That is cool and is dried.

430Mr.anonymous2012/10/16(火) 14:47:46.19ID:zzgH8k6e
ガガ ミラノ(GaGa MILANO) 時計
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ガガ・ミラノ[GaGa MILANO]
ガガミラノ激安ガガミラノ 時計



431【50.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/17(水) 22:22:47.14ID:A4yC+l8g
>429 Good evening ERO-san.

The place in which I live has temperature & humidity which resembled Manila.
For me, the present season lives very much in ease.
However, it is very short during the period.

432【52.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/10/18(木) 10:52:37.77ID:yluYGTkN
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

It is hot in Manila in the daytime. That temperature is about 30 degrees. However, that air is dried.
And the weather of a morning and night is comfortable weather.
Near future Manila will get comfortable weather.

Japan will get winter after this.
I am worried about whether for Japanese people to catch cold and to worsen physical condition.

433【43.4m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/20(土) 15:22:55.87ID:vuU9r8Z3
>432 Good afternoon ERO-san.

In the area where Manila and I lived in, a big difference was reflected on temperature.
The highest temperature fell a few days ago, and, as for my mother, physical condition turned worse, but recovered immediately.
My comfortable life is coming to an end.
Even if I catch cold and it generates heat somewhat, a life is not changeful if 39 ℃ or less becomes.

434Mr.anonymous2012/10/21(日) 12:51:31.22ID:h9gLIQao
エロCG集 …の宣伝です

435【10.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/10/25(木) 17:05:09.23ID:wisrhxNn
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I hope your good health. Are you OK now?

The typhoon has visited the Philippines now.
However, in Manila, it is only raining.

436【29.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/26(金) 01:18:59.87ID:ukflxdKX
>435 Good evening ERO-san.

Thank you.
I have very good health condition.
My temperature is normal, too.
Because there is much that the neighborhood is the typhoon scene, the Philippines is difficult.

437Mr.anonymous2012/10/27(土) 21:42:26.95ID:7rBRTiqU
Why is everyone talking about the weather?

438【20.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/28(日) 14:59:25.67ID:ufJ7cFlO
>437 Good afernoon.

It is because I cannot treat English well.
And even if it tries to speak about other subjects, it is because it is difficult for me to translate into English.
I still am not going to stop talking here.

I am referring to the catalog of the electrolytic condenser made from
a Japanese brand in order to all exchange the surface mount capacitor of PC-9801-86 sound board.

439【25.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/10/29(月) 13:39:01.28ID:UiAfcqLI
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

It is hot the daytime of Manila recently.
And many decorations of Christmas can be seen in a city. Because that poinsettia is beautiful, I like it.
It has a Christmas tree also in Condo's lobby in which I live.

440【33.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/10/29(月) 13:39:58.96ID:UiAfcqLI
I am not good at English, either. (´・ω・`)

441【27m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/10/31(水) 00:53:17.64ID:fOvkaM+g
>440 Good evening ERO-san.

In the town in which I live, the morning and the evening have got cold considerably.
For me, it is arrival of the season which is hard to pass from now on.
In the country town in which I live, the Christmas tree has not appeared yet.
I like flowers of the fragrant olive. It is planted one of them in the home garden.

442【末吉】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/01(木) 07:01:39.27ID:p3nfvCrU
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

The morning glow of this morning of Manila is beautiful.
Recent Manila is getting the comfortable season which is not hot.
However, the clothes which people wear are short-sleeved.
Here, because only summer clothes are necessary here,
a thing without the necessity for seasonal change of clothing is easy.

The month which has "bar" in the name of the month is the Christmas season.
That is, December is the Christmas of the Philippines from September.

443 【だん吉】 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(0+0:8) 【Derobbs1306846092266959】【44.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/01(木) 07:38:23.21ID:f1q2L61K
>442 Good morning ERO-san.

The Philippines is an easygoing season now.
I would also like to go to a warm place.
Tomorrow's forecast high is 15 ℃.
I must also be clothed thickly.

Japan will see the Lidong at next week.
Christmas trees will also increase in number according to it.

444【ぴょん吉】 【23.9m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/01(木) 11:20:35.23ID:WH89XQwF
Hi BBSPINKAys-san.

It is hot today. While I was walking to the office, I got sweat.
I like the Philippines. There are good climate and wonderful people there.

It has many kinds of delicious food in autumn of Japan. I remember that season.

445omikuji● 【44.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/01(木) 23:02:00.77ID:f1q2L61K
>444 Hey,ERO-san.

My hotter one is better than cold.
Well, since it was very hot in summer, the cooling fan broke down one, but it fixed safely.
Since cold time came night, autumn is passed and the warm food of winter is wanting.

446 【大吉】【41.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/01(木) 23:09:15.24ID:f1q2L61K
Oh, my God!!
It had been forgotten to put in an exclamation mark.

447Mr.anonymous2012/11/02(金) 04:55:13.13ID:B5znLBPy
why don't you guys talk at skype?

448【37.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/02(金) 07:27:11.43ID:Q3trZnWt
>447 Good morning.

Since it conflicts with a deletion guideline, it cannot do.
Existence is erased by Jim-san.

449Mr.anonymous2012/11/02(金) 10:23:09.48ID:oXWcJPql
Dude, it is so fucking cold here in the South, it's not even funny.

450【27.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/02(金) 11:36:40.60ID:6hNvhTtW
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san and Guys.

It is also hot this morning of Manila.
I saw the poinsettia displayed in the avenue this morning.
Because the Philippines is consecutive holidays from yesterday, its city is quieter than usual.

451Mr.anonymous2012/11/03(土) 04:02:25.25ID:qsBo/mJR
oh i see

452【24.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/03(土) 07:18:42.73ID:Rt7xDxL3
>450 Good morning ERO-san.

The present outside air temperature is 10 ℃, and is very cold.
I had the flower of a poinsettia shown.
Thank you.
Not seen in the neightborhood, it is a rare plant.

453Mr.anonymous2012/11/05(月) 15:12:02.07ID:TuhOzN3z
They are a Christmas plant.

454Mr.anonymous2012/11/05(月) 16:49:08.03ID:y8l38Uep
Hi nice to meet you!
Please teach me English.
I want to be able to speak English.

455【21.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/07(水) 21:53:03.00ID:cfBoPgtk
Good evening Guys and BBSPINKAys-san.

I went to the shopping mall near my home today. The decoration of the poinsettia was beautiful there.
The Christmas tree was decorated by the lobby of the dentist to which I went today.
I met Jim-san by chance at that dentist. I was surprised.

Why do you want to learn English?
I studied English with the NHK radio. That has the good contents in it being no charge.

456Mr.anonymous2012/11/12(月) 01:26:32.44ID:???

Are you a native English speaker?

457【28.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/12(月) 08:18:13.89ID:c4pT0eYV
Good morning ladies and gentlemen and ERO-san.

>453 Thanks.

>455 Thank you for showing a photograph.
In order to fix glasses yesterday, I went to the optician's shop and went to the next supermarket after that,
but there was no Christmas tree.
Instead, much 'Pocky' was placed.
And I have not found jasmine tea yet.
I met nobody with the acquaintance, when he went out yesterday.
It is great to meet Jim-san at a dentist -- it is accidental.

458【39.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/13(火) 20:39:01.64ID:7v+NJrZv
Good evening Guys and BBSPINKAys-san.

The beginning of the Christmas season of Japan will be in December.
The Christmas season of the Philippines is from September.
A month with "bar" is the Christmas season there.

I know that November 11 is a anniversary of "Pocky".
I bought the jasmine tea of the leaf of a can today.
Because it is hot here always, that is delicious always.

459【22.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/15(木) 00:00:44.56ID:AwIVQmin
>458 Good evening ERO-san.

I did not know that November 11 was a day of "Pokey".
Probably, it was not known if I did not come to PINK CHANNEL.
I made and drank the very high cafe au lait of the milk ratio today.
The milk in the refrigerator of a house needed to be used.
Since the best-before date is near.

460Mr.anonymous2012/11/16(金) 11:22:26.30ID:???




【夜ノ東欧】大人の海外 語学スレッド【必須カタコト】


461【8.5m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/18(日) 21:45:16.32ID:hvIBRrTZ
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

I got to know the Pokey day on the day before that.
There are various anniversaries in Japan.

My recent favorite is the method of putting the ice which froze coffee into a glass, and mixing and drinking milk there.
I got to know that in the UCC cafe of Manila.

462【42.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/19(月) 07:56:39.36ID:ttAze3bd
>461 Good morning ERO-san.

In the area in which I live, if morning temperature drinks milk at around 5 ℃, the body will get cold at a stretch.
A cafe au lait is drunk after warming once.
It is based on the climate of the Philippines that it can drink even if cold.
Examine the anniversary is so interesting.

463【31m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/20(火) 11:17:39.40ID:k5uFOAZE
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I forget the season of current Japan. hahaha
Almost all people are always sleeve-less clothes at this place.
However, because air conditioning is sometimes too strong, we need a jacket.

464【17m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/22(木) 01:36:32.90ID:peQOIN7w
>463 Good evening ERO-san.

I would also like to live in a warm place.
Present I am winter-clothes equipment.

465Mr.anonymous2012/11/24(土) 14:26:29.82ID:RpRChm5n

466【47.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/11/26(月) 11:12:08.47ID:0XfierEa
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I also like a warm place. It is wonderful that it is always warm.
I want to live forever here.

467【35.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/11/27(火) 01:22:50.63ID:yRv9i40b
>466 Good evening ERO-san.

it is a good country which thinks that you want to live forever -- it is -- the ? Philippines.
I will pass cold time for a year half [ about ].
I will ignore an alarm clock in the meantime.

As for me, the neighborhood of the belly got leg cramps yesterday.
In my experience, it is very unusual.

468 【大凶】【40.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/12/01(土) 14:33:08.08ID:KDuvxQp5
Good afternoon ERO-san and everyone.

Temperature is now comparable to midwinter temperature at 10 ℃.
I want a ticket to Okinawa.
Manila Today's maximum temperature 32 ℃.
I can wait for summer.

469Mr.anonymous2012/12/02(日) 00:19:47.43ID:KJ/iP0Ic

470Mr.anonymous2012/12/07(金) 03:24:09.90ID:???

471Mr.anonymous2012/12/07(金) 03:24:48.48ID:???

472【30.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2012/12/07(金) 13:13:44.19ID:I0H56+FT
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I have walked from my home to the office this morning. I had many sweat.
Because, it is hot in Manila in the daytime.

The Philippines is good environment for me.
And because there is no necessity for the clothes of winter, the environment there is good for a wallet.

I also like Okinawa. However, I like the Philippines better than Okinawa.

473【42.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/12/10(月) 07:49:34.53ID:WtUTFKdk
>472 Good morning ERO-san.

Manila is fine today.
In the place in which I live, it is snowing.
Living environment is bad.
I have struck the keyboard with the cold hand.
Outer temperature is very cold 5 ℃ or less.
Please divide the heat of the Philippines here.
Otherwise, the washing does not get dry.

474Mr.anonymous2012/12/25(火) 18:27:19.20ID:???

475【29.5m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2012/12/27(木) 07:38:28.52ID:TSahYbEr
Good morning ERO-san.
It was very cold this morning and the washing froze.

476Mr.anonymous2012/12/29(土) 10:28:54.49ID:oxdj9n8O

477Venus candidate2012/12/31(月) 17:30:14.13ID:iRGNSHNs
What a strict requirement :-o

478 【吉】 【956円】【48.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/01/01(火) 19:21:07.04ID:+O8tO/S/
Happy new year.



481Mr.anonymous2013/01/03(木) 22:09:31.31ID:92V8F34T
Happy new year!

482【1.2m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/01/05(土) 14:04:56.28ID:naJGVfL/
Happy new year BBSPINKAys-san.

I was not able to do writing to BBS for several days. Because, there was trouble of a DNS server.
That problem was fixed.

I experienced the 3rd hot New Year. I will experience the hot New Year future again and again.

483【50.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/01/07(月) 07:59:14.68ID:rUeNUhqs
>482 Good morning ERO-san.

Jim-san and the person of NT.tec who did good work, and ERO-san.
Happy birthday for you, ERO-san although it became late.

484Mr.anonymous2013/01/09(水) 23:54:17.60ID:AzFJhv+B


486【25.7m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/01/15(火) 13:02:33.33ID:m6mM+uLi
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I think that the opportunity for people of NTTec to play an active part increases from now on.
Five years have passed since that incident. My life is "bad luck often brings good luck." hahaha

487【24.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/01/15(火) 23:46:42.07ID:/qJg2xFv
>486 Good Evening ERO-san.

I count on future NTTec inc.
So much, I think that importance is increased.
It must have learned in very many cases in these five years.
More than it, I am enjoying a place called PINK channel.

488【6.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/01/16(水) 11:45:12.47ID:hwUUJRKm
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

I trust the person of NTTec. It is because he is Sukebe. hehehe
I did many new experience in these five years. I am very happy.

489【26.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/01/17(木) 08:07:35.39ID:BGy51/VH
>488 Good morning ERO-san.

Jim-san is erotic people most.

I am always perusing BBSPINK, passing music.
In it, it is taking notice of Jim-san remark.
It is a little warm schedule today.
However, there is only a half temperature compared with Manila.

490【12.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/01/22(火) 13:21:20.96ID:OjNRXU2y
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

Jim-san is always busy. I can sometimes meet him. He and I talk on-line often.
He is not in the office today also, either.

The temperature of Manila this morning was about 23 degrees.
Although I opened the window of my room last night and I went to sleep, because at night came cold, I shut the window.
However, probably, if Japanese people hear this story, it will get angry.

491【54m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/02/21(木) 08:25:29.01ID:JKTj/EFi
>490 Good morning-ERO-san.

I am such a thing and do not get angry.

Outside air temperature opened at least 10 ℃ or less of windows, and I went to sleep yesterday.
Since the interior of a room was filled with the exhaust gas of the car, it is an unavoidable measure.
The computer which I am using will not start at normal temperature.
It will boot up, if a side panel is opened and the hot wind of a drier is applied several minutes.

492 【大吉】【34.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/03/01(金) 01:17:49.99ID:TwHxiUsn
Good night.


494【35.7m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/03/16(土) 08:17:14.37ID:QAom2+rS
Good morning.

495Mr.anonymous2013/03/21(木) 10:49:09.53ID:ln/KRHqI




496 【末吉】【27.9m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/04/01(月) 23:03:32.50ID:RiKHTF7D
April 1 ,2013

497【45m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/04/03(水) 11:42:24.260

498【26.2m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/04/03(水) 16:17:53.120
>497 Good afternoon ERO-san.

Internal server error.
I cannot read past log.

499【29.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/04/03(水) 16:47:34.770
I know the problem. And I requested solution of the problem.

In the Philippines, April and May are summer. Today's sunlight is intense and very hot.

500【20.6m】 500GET@ ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/04/06(土) 11:48:22.070
>499 Good morning ERO-san.

After all, climate completely differs from Japan.
In the town in which I live, a cherry tree is full bloom.
However, many petals of a cherry tree will break up by today's bad weather.


501【5.3m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/04/06(土) 19:42:43.050
I got happy, seeing that photo. The cherry blossoms of that photo are beautiful.
I like a beautiful spring of Japan.
The weather of the Philippines is comfortable. However, it is not tasteful there.

It was very hot in Manila today. Probably, the maximum temperature there was about 35 degrees.

502【30.1m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/04/11(木) 00:34:49.600
>501 Good evening ERO-san.

The town in which I live is the cool climate where the Philippines of intense heat is different.
Finally the season of a cherry tree will be soon.

503【31m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/04/25(木) 12:44:06.950
Good morning BBSPINKAys-san.

It is violently hot in the summer of Manila this year.
Those direct rays in the daytime are terrible.
I feel the sunlight from the head strange. That shadow is very small.

504【34.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/04/26(金) 01:17:54.730
Good evening ERO-san.

It is cool in Japan now.
Probably, it is hot in Okinawa Prefecture.
Probably it gets hot also in Honshu next month.
I drink water, when it comes out from a bath, but tap water is very delicious.

505【21.4m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/04/26(金) 11:51:01.800
It is hot in Manila today. Probably, the present temperature is about 35 degrees.
I commute by about 1.3km walk to the office. Then, I buy POCARI SWEAT and drink it.
It is because I take out sweat.
I would like to drink the beer after a bath. However, I do not have a bath in my home. (´・ω・`)

506 【43.9m】◆BBSPINKAys 2013/06/10(月) 14:15:51.94ID:dmhRpfU5
Good morning ERO-san.

I would like to experience the climate of the Philippines only once.
I may not be unable to bear in 35 ℃ of temperature from this time.
I cannot bear that there is no bath of a house.
I will go out with 2.5 liters of water, if summer comes.
The computer which is because it is insufficient when there is no quantity like this and which I am using has a bad state,
and unless it applies the hot wind of a hair drier 30 seconds or more, it is not started.

507 ◆FUCKKER.Gw 2013/06/10(月) 21:51:18.49ID:+1zm9tbk
The hair dryer is cooler...;)

508【17.8m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/06/13(木) 22:45:32.99ID:Ae5pzfQi
Good evening BBSPINKAys-san.

Manila changed from summer to the rainy season. It was very hot this summer.
However, Manila is more comfortable than summer of Japan.
And it is because an air ticket is not expensive, because has LCC.
If LCC is used, the price of a fare will be about 30000 yen in a round trip.

509【33.3m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/06/30(日) 00:32:12.92ID:Gqpop5jR
Good evening.

If you do not warm the capacitor on the main board, you can not even reach the BIOS screen How far do they have standing.
Hair dryer is required.

Japan is the time of a rainy season.
However, there is little rainfall.
Although it is a sultry night, it is cool night.
It is difficult for me to prepare 30,000 yen.
I have been to Osaka two weeks ago.
I have a chance to go to Osaka or Kyoto once again by the end of July.

510 【末吉】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/07/01(月) NY:AN:NY.ANID:HjPel7am
It rained like a rainy season of Japan in this weekend Manila. It is because the typhoon visited Manila.
This typhoon was not large-scale. Today's Manila is fine.

I would like to go to Kyoto.
I am using the chopsticks of Ichihara-heibei-shouten of Kyoto.
I would like to visit that chopsticks store. And I would like to eat Kuzu-kiri of Kagi-zen.

511 【大吉】【29.8m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/07/01(月) NY:AN:NY.ANID:us4lBIKm
>510 Good evening ERO-san.

There is little rain and the latest Japan is anxious about it.
You have good chopsticks.
Since I can use only a local train and an express, there is almost no time to travel.
(A limited express train charge cannot be prepared.)

512【10.6m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/07/10(水) NY:AN:NY.ANID:fG66Hq8s
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I saw the information that it was very hot in Japan.
I also saw the news that people worsened physical condition by hot weather of Japan.
I think that the hot weather of summer of Japan is terrible.
That is more violent than the Torrid Zone. I want Japanese people to spend summer healthily.

513【27m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/07/11(木) NY:AN:NY.ANID:qmsY/vUX
>512 Good evening ERO-san.

Japan is an intensely hot day of five days in a row.
The effective temperature is only 45 ℃ when it basks in direct rays in the daytime.
Since I am doing hydration periodically, I am satisfactory.
However, it is worrying that the person of what 100 people is conveyed by the hospital by heatstroke every day.


515Mr.anonymous2013/07/21(日) NY:AN:NY.ANID:nuK4UVbV

516【29m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/08/12(月) NY:AN:NY.ANID:oBFkAsfU
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

I saw the news that Japan was a very hot weather.
That is a weather severer than the Torrid Zone.

The typhoon has passed through the neighborhood of Manila still now.
However, in Manila, it is not severe weather.

517【22.6m】 ◆BBSPINKAys 2013/08/14(水) NY:AN:NY.ANID:WcXwpWn8
>>516 Good evening ERO-san.

In Japan, the day of 35 ℃ or more of maximum temperature will continue several days, and is severe time.
However, it is temporary such days, and it will be easy to pass if compared with the tropical rain forests of the Philippines.

518【27.1m】 ◆EROyVmNwwM 2013/08/15(木) NY:AN:NY.ANID:pkX6oeFw
Good afternoon BBSPINKAys-san.

The weather of the Philippines is easy for people.
The true Torrid Zone is easier than the Torrid Zone which Japanese people think of.
However is not Fuzei there. (´・ω・`)

519Mr.anonymous2013/09/08(日) 09:12:28.74ID:rdYZWcAX

520 【50.9m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2013/09/29(日) 12:45:44.86ID:oYwW4RIK
>518 Good afternoon ERO-san.

I can not use anymore this trip. > BBSPINKAys
I use a different trip.
Japan enters the cooler months, there is a possibility intense heat is not for a while.
I do not know whether there is a "Fuzei" in the Philippines, but it is soon osmanthus home until a good fragrance.

521 【大吉】 【32m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2013/10/01(火) 18:49:39.59ID:0ahklXOr

522【9.1m】 ◆JACK.277o. 2013/10/10(木) 21:51:33.13ID:poGs6jWF
Good evening BBSPINK-san.
I also change a trip.

There are many typhoons this year. The typhoon No. 25 is approaching Luzon.
I think that it is good, if the dry season comes early.
The dry season of the Philippines is comfortable.

523!omikuji 【26.2m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2013/10/11(金) 22:45:30.04ID:Nxuv0tRJ
>>522 Good evening JACK-san.

I was able to escape the disaster of the typhoon.
However, another new disaster came.
The mother board of the personal computer which I am using broke down.
They are the shortage of capacity of a capacitor, and death of main memory.

524【37.1m】 ◆JACK.277o. 2013/10/12(土) 19:42:57.72ID:aIsjqePu
Good evening BBSPINK-san.

The typhoon passed through Luzon today. My place is OK.

I am afraid of your disaster. For that reason, I am using two sets of laptop.
Because, the laptop of Japanese specification does not sell at the Philippines.

525nanashit2013/10/31(木) 02:58:09.45ID:???
Bonjour nihonjin friends

526Mr.anonymous2013/12/25(水) 20:43:32.18ID:ByFF6lk6
What is "strap-on"?

527 【中吉】 【800円】 【11.5m】 ◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/01/01(水) 17:09:29.06ID:wU1p5mN+
>524 Happy new year JACK-san.

528 【大吉】 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/01/01(水) 20:07:57.79ID:8WKURJHq
Happy new year BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

People of the Philippines celebrate the new year by fireworks. And the fireworks of the Philippines are dangerous.
The accident of an injury or death is in the new year by that. It seems that there were many accidents this time also.

529 【大吉】 【1657円】 【27.6m】 ◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/01/01(水) 23:18:42.15ID:wU1p5mN+
>528 Good evening JACK-san.

the new year -- it is a sad accident the beginning.
An injury, a fatal accident, etc. are putting the cart before the horse in an auspicious occasion.

530Mr.anonymous2014/01/04(土) 02:23:18.80ID:GACcnX8N

531Mr.anonymous2014/01/09(木) 18:23:38.86ID:???

532Mr.anonymous2014/01/11(土) 01:22:31.75ID:wdo5d1/Z
How are you?

533 【大吉】 【43m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/01(土) 17:06:30.92ID:NESbgFcd

534i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/02/02(日) 03:49:16.53ID:2YQUXPEg
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Kung hei fat choi !!!
I looked at the dance of the dragon of the China style. Does the event of the lunar New Year occur in your environment?

535no name2014/02/02(日) 14:56:14.45ID:PzFkU1PX
Hi everyone!

536Benson2014/02/02(日) 14:57:18.33ID:WSza0jIN

537 【17.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/05(水) 00:17:17.57ID:1tQxN4dB
>534 Good evening JACK-san.

I ate "ehoumaki" three days ago.
In my environment, though it was regrettable, there was no event appropriate for the lunar New Year.

538i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/02/12(水) 12:21:59.45ID:lQ7Yh4C1
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

I do not like the event of "ehoumaki". I would like to taste food and to eat it happily.
It is St Valentine's Day this weekend. In my neighborhood, I often see that decoration.
A man gives a woman a present in the Philippines on St Valentine's Day.

539Mr.anonymous2014/02/12(水) 20:38:17.48ID:???

540 【23.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/14(金) 23:06:25.41ID:jJfonjeT
>538 Good evening JACK-san.

I do not like events of "ehoumaki", too. I like "tekkamaki".
As for the Saint Valentine's Day, it is reverse to the Philippines in Japan. However,
I learned on WEB radio of a voice actor when people to give chocolate between friends increased in Japan.

541 【大凶】 【27.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/03/01(土) 00:04:37.21ID:SagRZezX

542i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/03/04(火) 13:45:20.58ID:RQ2b44io
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

My reply is very late. The Girl's Festival already passed.
That did not distribute chocolate to a friend in past Japan. Probably, that is a custom of new Japan.
People of the Philippines send a present to a person close on that day.
That resembles Christmas.

543名無しさん2014/03/04(火) 19:05:33.66ID:???
I love you guys

544 【大吉】 【35.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/04/01(火) 00:41:10.46ID:/PM5blnB
>>542 Good evening JACK-san.

What there was on March 14, I have not acquired information.
It has borne, although I have itchy eyes now.
And the flower of the cherry tree is in bloom.

545名無しさん2014/04/04(金) 01:43:06.10ID:s4pLu1Uy

ココおもしろそう ハプニングあり?!



546 【小吉】 【37.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/05/01(木) 23:58:10.25ID:X8qT2IBs

547 【38.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/01(火) 00:18:22.67ID:2rMkK0TV
July 1

548 【豚】 【20.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/01(火) 00:18:58.56ID:2rMkK0TV

549 【小吉】 i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/01(火) 11:49:34.35ID:nsQ1xAbq!
I am very busy. And I worsened physical condition and I hospitalizationed two weeks ago.
I am fine now.

550 【26m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/03(木) 01:17:02.53ID:UQUy74nR
>>549 Good evening JACK-san.

Take care of yourself.
Because the feeling drops if I become ill-conditioned, I am careful.

Good night.

551i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/03(木) 13:12:56.22ID:8tXzuWZU
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

I will go to the hospital next Monday, and will check the rectum. I conducted various checks in the hospital.
My body does not have a big problem.

552 【10.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/05(土) 00:17:54.58ID:m8NlfKjD
>>551 Good evening JACJ-san.

It was satisfactory although I also inspected the rectum before.
I hope the result which you also satisfy is obtained.

553i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/06(日) 20:43:20.22ID:ZmoIbS0/
Good evening BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Tomorrow's my rectum check up uses general anesthesia.
I am scared in a little that.

554 【44.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/13(日) 00:53:30.44ID:jreTGHUO
>>553 Good evening JACK-san.

Anesthesia was unnecessary when I underwent an inspection.
Of course, it was not painful.
If general anesthesia is used, therefore, I will consider that it is better not to care as it waits for a result.

555Mr.anonymous2014/07/13(日) 08:25:55.02ID:E8Tcjd5s!
>>551 Good evening JACK
Did this problem arise from the performing act of sodomy?
Perhaps you should refrain from having Anal sex you humungous faggot.

556i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/13(日) 09:42:22.21ID:zJPI5I0b!
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san
That was not general anesthesia. However, since that was strong anesthesia, I came to have felt dizzy.

Good morning.
Maybe, the cause of this problem is overwork.
I would like to improve this situation.

557 【32.9m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/17(木) 23:47:03.12ID:SpaVaBes
>556 Good evening JACK-san.

You need to be rested.

558i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/18(金) 08:33:27.34ID:2SkuhiTH!
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Probably, your advice is right. However, it is difficult for me to take a rest. (´・ω・`)

559 【だん吉】 【44.4m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/08/01(金) 19:20:50.35ID:IOYcEwRO
>>558 Good evening JACK-san.

A week ago, I went to Osaka-Abenobashi station.
And I went to Kyoto Station yesterday.
I've sprained ankle at Kyoto Station.

560i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/08/06(水) 12:58:11.31ID:rteWQOYg
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Was it hot in Kansai?
It seems that it is very hot in Japan, or rain is violent.
It is cool in Manila. And it sometimes rains heavily under the influence of a typhoon.

I hope to cure your ankle early.

561 【12.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/08/08(金) 19:54:12.37ID:AYKS4Qo0
>>560 Good evening JACK-san.

Thank you.
I appreciate your consideration.
My ankle is getting better.
It was very hot in Kansai.
In Mie Prefecture of the return trip, heavy rain fell and it arrived 18:00 at Kintetsu Nagoya Station.

562 【16.7m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:53:59.89ID:BKp+D9es

563!omukuji 【39.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:54:40.90ID:BKp+D9es

564 【豚】 【40.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:55:17.18ID:BKp+D9es

565Mr.anonymous2014/10/25(土) 15:27:30.81ID:???

566Mr.anonymous2014/10/25(土) 15:28:04.22ID:???

567i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/10/30(木) 15:18:33.40ID:Z9C7TZmY
I stayed to the hospital in 2 times, August, and September.
1 time of them was the dengue fever of topic at that time.
I am eating a lot for physical strength recovery.

568 【豚】 【5.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/01(土) 08:31:36.64ID:xzfq9s5s
>>567 Good morning JACK-san.

I have not been sent to hospital to a hospital for two months.
I think that it was very painful.
And 1 time is dengue fever.
If I want you to become fine early, it is wishing you.

569 【大吉】 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/01(土) 11:44:18.79ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Experience of dengue fever seemed to be severe cold.
And I needed the period for about two weeks for that recovery.
I am health condition good now.

570 【大吉】 【39.3m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/01(土) 23:59:08.18ID:xzfq9s5s
Good evening JACK-san.

However, in the hot Philippines, it is fear of a mosquito always.

571 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/03(月) 19:33:40.33ID:2NI/u2O1!
Good evening BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

What dengue fever shows the symptoms of is approximately a half.
It is because the cause by which I showed the symptoms of it maybe had my low physical strength.
A mosquito is not usually in my room. It is because my room is a high-rise floor.

572 【35.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/19(水) 22:06:15.81ID:0KAfV0GX
I wish your physical strength is recovered.
Now, from last week, temperature falls rapidly and it is not different from winter.

573 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/20(木) 11:13:56.52ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Thank you. My physical stamina is returning.

Manila is changing from the rainy season at the dry season. That is cool and comfortable weather.
I communicated with the person of Seattle last week.
That person was saying that it was 19-degree Fahrenheit the night there.
I was surprised at that temperature.

574 【大吉】 【21.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/12/01(月) 00:34:41.73ID:SkPQ8GN9
>>573 Good evening JACK-san.

Your physical strength was convalescent and good.
The temperature falls from December 2 in Japan.
It isn't the cold wave degree of the United States.

575i ◆JACK.277o. 2015/06/27(土) 11:33:17.80ID:T0Y48TB2
I was busy. And I have the time of now a little.
It was hot in the summer of this year of Manila. And the rainy season is coming there now.

576Mr.anonymous2015/07/10(金) 03:42:43.10ID:???

577Mr.anonymous2017/03/11(土) 04:16:41.59ID:o7sLTTd/

578NY2017/06/22(木) 00:14:10.16ID:7ARDtA7y

579NY2017/06/22(木) 05:54:31.59ID:Lqf+dSp4