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529 【大吉】 【1657円】 【27.6m】 ◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/01/01(水) 23:18:42.15ID:wU1p5mN+
>528 Good evening JACK-san.

the new year -- it is a sad accident the beginning.
An injury, a fatal accident, etc. are putting the cart before the horse in an auspicious occasion.

530Mr.anonymous2014/01/04(土) 02:23:18.80ID:GACcnX8N

531Mr.anonymous2014/01/09(木) 18:23:38.86ID:???

532Mr.anonymous2014/01/11(土) 01:22:31.75ID:wdo5d1/Z
How are you?

533 【大吉】 【43m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/01(土) 17:06:30.92ID:NESbgFcd

534i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/02/02(日) 03:49:16.53ID:2YQUXPEg
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Kung hei fat choi !!!
I looked at the dance of the dragon of the China style. Does the event of the lunar New Year occur in your environment?

535no name2014/02/02(日) 14:56:14.45ID:PzFkU1PX
Hi everyone!

536Benson2014/02/02(日) 14:57:18.33ID:WSza0jIN

537 【17.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/05(水) 00:17:17.57ID:1tQxN4dB
>534 Good evening JACK-san.

I ate "ehoumaki" three days ago.
In my environment, though it was regrettable, there was no event appropriate for the lunar New Year.

538i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/02/12(水) 12:21:59.45ID:lQ7Yh4C1
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

I do not like the event of "ehoumaki". I would like to taste food and to eat it happily.
It is St Valentine's Day this weekend. In my neighborhood, I often see that decoration.
A man gives a woman a present in the Philippines on St Valentine's Day.

539Mr.anonymous2014/02/12(水) 20:38:17.48ID:???

540 【23.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/02/14(金) 23:06:25.41ID:jJfonjeT
>538 Good evening JACK-san.

I do not like events of "ehoumaki", too. I like "tekkamaki".
As for the Saint Valentine's Day, it is reverse to the Philippines in Japan. However,
I learned on WEB radio of a voice actor when people to give chocolate between friends increased in Japan.

541 【大凶】 【27.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/03/01(土) 00:04:37.21ID:SagRZezX

542i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/03/04(火) 13:45:20.58ID:RQ2b44io
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

My reply is very late. The Girl's Festival already passed.
That did not distribute chocolate to a friend in past Japan. Probably, that is a custom of new Japan.
People of the Philippines send a present to a person close on that day.
That resembles Christmas.

543名無しさん2014/03/04(火) 19:05:33.66ID:???
I love you guys

544 【大吉】 【35.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/04/01(火) 00:41:10.46ID:/PM5blnB
>>542 Good evening JACK-san.

What there was on March 14, I have not acquired information.
It has borne, although I have itchy eyes now.
And the flower of the cherry tree is in bloom.

545名無しさん2014/04/04(金) 01:43:06.10ID:s4pLu1Uy

ココおもしろそう ハプニングあり?!



546 【小吉】 【37.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/05/01(木) 23:58:10.25ID:X8qT2IBs

547 【38.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/01(火) 00:18:22.67ID:2rMkK0TV
July 1

548 【豚】 【20.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/01(火) 00:18:58.56ID:2rMkK0TV

549 【小吉】 i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/01(火) 11:49:34.35ID:nsQ1xAbq!
I am very busy. And I worsened physical condition and I hospitalizationed two weeks ago.
I am fine now.

550 【26m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/03(木) 01:17:02.53ID:UQUy74nR
>>549 Good evening JACK-san.

Take care of yourself.
Because the feeling drops if I become ill-conditioned, I am careful.

Good night.

551i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/03(木) 13:12:56.22ID:8tXzuWZU
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san

I will go to the hospital next Monday, and will check the rectum. I conducted various checks in the hospital.
My body does not have a big problem.

552 【10.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/05(土) 00:17:54.58ID:m8NlfKjD
>>551 Good evening JACJ-san.

It was satisfactory although I also inspected the rectum before.
I hope the result which you also satisfy is obtained.

553i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/06(日) 20:43:20.22ID:ZmoIbS0/
Good evening BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Tomorrow's my rectum check up uses general anesthesia.
I am scared in a little that.

554 【44.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/13(日) 00:53:30.44ID:jreTGHUO
>>553 Good evening JACK-san.

Anesthesia was unnecessary when I underwent an inspection.
Of course, it was not painful.
If general anesthesia is used, therefore, I will consider that it is better not to care as it waits for a result.

555Mr.anonymous2014/07/13(日) 08:25:55.02ID:E8Tcjd5s!
>>551 Good evening JACK
Did this problem arise from the performing act of sodomy?
Perhaps you should refrain from having Anal sex you humungous faggot.

556i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/13(日) 09:42:22.21ID:zJPI5I0b!
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san
That was not general anesthesia. However, since that was strong anesthesia, I came to have felt dizzy.

Good morning.
Maybe, the cause of this problem is overwork.
I would like to improve this situation.

557 【32.9m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/07/17(木) 23:47:03.12ID:SpaVaBes
>556 Good evening JACK-san.

You need to be rested.

558i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/07/18(金) 08:33:27.34ID:2SkuhiTH!
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san

Probably, your advice is right. However, it is difficult for me to take a rest. (´・ω・`)

559 【だん吉】 【44.4m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/08/01(金) 19:20:50.35ID:IOYcEwRO
>>558 Good evening JACK-san.

A week ago, I went to Osaka-Abenobashi station.
And I went to Kyoto Station yesterday.
I've sprained ankle at Kyoto Station.

560i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/08/06(水) 12:58:11.31ID:rteWQOYg
Good afternoon BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Was it hot in Kansai?
It seems that it is very hot in Japan, or rain is violent.
It is cool in Manila. And it sometimes rains heavily under the influence of a typhoon.

I hope to cure your ankle early.

561 【12.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/08/08(金) 19:54:12.37ID:AYKS4Qo0
>>560 Good evening JACK-san.

Thank you.
I appreciate your consideration.
My ankle is getting better.
It was very hot in Kansai.
In Mie Prefecture of the return trip, heavy rain fell and it arrived 18:00 at Kintetsu Nagoya Station.

562 【16.7m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:53:59.89ID:BKp+D9es

563!omukuji 【39.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:54:40.90ID:BKp+D9es

564 【豚】 【40.1m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/10/01(水) 23:55:17.18ID:BKp+D9es

565Mr.anonymous2014/10/25(土) 15:27:30.81ID:???

566Mr.anonymous2014/10/25(土) 15:28:04.22ID:???

567i ◆JACK.277o. 2014/10/30(木) 15:18:33.40ID:Z9C7TZmY
I stayed to the hospital in 2 times, August, and September.
1 time of them was the dengue fever of topic at that time.
I am eating a lot for physical strength recovery.

568 【豚】 【5.5m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/01(土) 08:31:36.64ID:xzfq9s5s
>>567 Good morning JACK-san.

I have not been sent to hospital to a hospital for two months.
I think that it was very painful.
And 1 time is dengue fever.
If I want you to become fine early, it is wishing you.

569 【大吉】 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/01(土) 11:44:18.79ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Experience of dengue fever seemed to be severe cold.
And I needed the period for about two weeks for that recovery.
I am health condition good now.

570 【大吉】 【39.3m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/01(土) 23:59:08.18ID:xzfq9s5s
Good evening JACK-san.

However, in the hot Philippines, it is fear of a mosquito always.

571 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/03(月) 19:33:40.33ID:2NI/u2O1!
Good evening BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

What dengue fever shows the symptoms of is approximately a half.
It is because the cause by which I showed the symptoms of it maybe had my low physical strength.
A mosquito is not usually in my room. It is because my room is a high-rise floor.

572 【35.8m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/11/19(水) 22:06:15.81ID:0KAfV0GX
I wish your physical strength is recovered.
Now, from last week, temperature falls rapidly and it is not different from winter.

573 ◆JACK.277o. 2014/11/20(木) 11:13:56.52ID:???
Good morning BBSPINKNNTEA-san.

Thank you. My physical stamina is returning.

Manila is changing from the rainy season at the dry season. That is cool and comfortable weather.
I communicated with the person of Seattle last week.
That person was saying that it was 19-degree Fahrenheit the night there.
I was surprised at that temperature.

574 【大吉】 【21.6m】◆BBSPINKNNTEA 2014/12/01(月) 00:34:41.73ID:SkPQ8GN9
>>573 Good evening JACK-san.

Your physical strength was convalescent and good.
The temperature falls from December 2 in Japan.
It isn't the cold wave degree of the United States.

575i ◆JACK.277o. 2015/06/27(土) 11:33:17.80ID:T0Y48TB2
I was busy. And I have the time of now a little.
It was hot in the summer of this year of Manila. And the rainy season is coming there now.

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