1 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 12:13:15.88 ID:C70VoW15
There's an English board? Hot dog!


It's like I'm really on an English forum!

Do these threads last forever like other text based futaba type boards?

Inb4 I can't post on it.
2 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 12:17:59.58 ID:C70VoW15
Oh... so it worked.

It's apparently bbspink.com and not 2ch.net or even 2chan.net.

And it's a futaba text board. Not a Japanese image board.

And it's about 5 or 10 years too late for me to get really excited about it.

But, I'm glad to apparently go full weeaboo and post on this dead forum.
3 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 12:53:34.57 ID:j9MGvyUQ
Which 2hu wud u fuck?
4 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 12:58:54.57 ID:j9MGvyUQ
pls respond
5 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 12:59:47.31 ID:C70VoW15
>ID's on here
>post numbers unclickable

I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

6 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:00:29.38 ID:C70VoW15
Yeah I responded. You're welcome.
7 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:01:31.32 ID:C70VoW15
> ERROR - 593 30 sec たたないと書けません。(1回目、14 sec しかたってない)

So apparently you have to wait 30 seconds between each post too.
8 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:01:59.52 ID:j9MGvyUQ
That's cute, dude.

Thank you!

Do you like stuff?
9 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:04:10.69 ID:j9MGvyUQ
You are aware that no one else will come here. Right?
10 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:05:48.98 ID:C70VoW15
>That's cute, dude.
Thanks bro.
>Thank you!
No problem.
>Do you like stuff?
>You are aware that no one else will come here. Right?
11 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:15:23.25 ID:j9MGvyUQ

This was fun while it lasted.
12 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:15:32.86 ID:OL/lBPv2
Is it me you're looking for?
13 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:30:24.37 ID:C70VoW15
Nice dubs. This never even really started at all.

Hi! I don't know is it you I'm looking for? Who are you?
14 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 13:36:25.32 ID:j9MGvyUQ
My feelings...
15 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 14:27:34.88 ID:C70VoW15
How are they?
16 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 14:58:15.87 ID:C70VoW15
I should probably stop refreshing 50 minutes later
and replying 1 hour late.
But instead refresh every 10 minutes!
Or maybe someone can make an auto-refresh or f5 script for this.
Sorry for the late reply.
17 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 15:12:32.46 ID:j9MGvyUQ
Don't worry about it, it's not like I have been paying attention either.

Is this our secret little board for just the two of us?
18 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 15:38:19.21 ID:f1F7l821
19 : 名無しさん2014/02/20(木) 15:39:18.64 ID:f1F7l821
>no password to delete posts
>can't delete posts
Absolutely disgusting.

>ERROR:連続投稿ですか?? 8回
>ERROR: Continuous post are you? ? 8 times
It's punishing me for using it?
You see?
This is why no 1 likes japan!

This is the same 1 but I'm banned from posting for posting apparently .

>Don't worry about it, it's not like I have been paying attention either.
Thank you. I may go to sleep now. See you tomorrow, I-I guess...

>Is this our secret little board for just the two of us?
20 : 名無しさん2014/02/21(金) 04:27:09.46 ID:dVa03Wle
Kind of late but good night.

I bookmarked this page. I hope I don't get banned for posting.
21 : 名無しさん2014/02/21(金) 05:26:17.15 ID:VMj8t2n/
Why are you acting like an idiot?
22 : 名無しさん2014/02/21(金) 05:50:05.59 ID:MN81P3y2
Better late than never. Thanks bro. Good night.

Hopefully not. I'm still not unbanned apparently.

The definition of an "idiot" is someone who does nothing all day.
I'm the only 1 posting while you people post nothing all day.
Why are YOU acting like an idiot?
23 : 名無しさん2014/02/21(金) 11:57:10.09 ID:dVa03Wle
You around?
24 : 名無しさん2014/02/21(金) 14:44:10.37 ID:gBA7Q3wx
25 : 名無しさん2014/02/22(土) 04:50:19.54 ID:HSLwICvs
guys i'm korean, blame me for being me GOGO
26 : 名無しさん2014/02/22(土) 09:48:37.44 ID:Ycc50AMv
Japan and Korea are very close.

Their love led to heartache.
27 : 名無しさん2014/02/22(土) 11:50:04.67 ID:EO0mDPVg
Do you like stuff?
28 : 名無しさん2014/02/22(土) 14:43:47.63 ID:Ycc50AMv
29 : 忍法帖【Lv=21,xxxPT】(1+0:8) 【Dascii2d1361696402504811】 2014/03/06(木) 00:59:18.12 ID:R+0RVyqc
30 : 名無しさん2014/03/07(金) 05:29:19.18 ID:8QF1IZfK
cool test bro
31 : %e5%90%8d%e7%84%a1%e3%81%97%e3%81%95%e3%82%932014/03/08(土) 06:12:38.29 ID:???
32 : %e5%90%8d%e7%84%a1%e3%81%97%e3%81%95%e3%82%932014/03/08(土) 06:35:48.76 ID:???
33 : %96%bc%96%b3%82%b5%82%b3%82%f12014/03/08(土) 06:41:54.82 ID:???
34 : 名無しさん2014/03/08(土) 06:49:14.02 ID:???
35 : 名無しさん2014/03/08(土) 11:29:07.27 ID:iCE4iQbs
cool tesuto-'s bro
36 : 忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】(1+0:8) 2014/03/09(日) 23:45:58.12 ID:???
37 : 名無しさん2014/03/10(月) 15:20:41.12 ID:???
38 : 名無しさん2014/03/14(金) 07:46:08.16 ID:???
39 : 名無しさん2014/03/15(土) 02:53:37.52 ID:???
40 : 忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】(-1+0:8) 2014/03/15(土) 16:38:37.09 ID:lgLlxNdC
41 : 忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】(1+0:8) 2014/03/15(土) 22:01:58.65 ID:NtOdMJae
42 : 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】(1+0:8) 2014/03/16(日) 00:55:11.30 ID:O9f/BQe9
Hello World
43 : 名無しさん2014/03/16(日) 04:27:02.37 ID:PU5pRybh
So it's all westerners here. I wonder if our surge in activity will catch the eye of regulars
44 : 忍法帖【Lv=12,xxxPT】(2+0:8) 2014/03/17(月) 13:28:26.89 ID:9OGt/oaN
45 : 忍法帖【Lv=14,xxxPT】(3+0:8) 2014/03/17(月) 16:16:41.62 ID:9OGt/oaN
46 : 名無しさん2014/03/18(火) 14:58:40.41 ID:wVUbQYTx
Do I come off as a ''westener''?
I've been talking to esl people for long people think i'm ''foreign''.

The ''regulars'' are barely active themselves.
In fact I think I count as a ''regular'' at this point.

It's interesting because you have no password to delete a thread.
But, threads here apparently never 404. Like pretty much all text boards.
However, if you monitor all your threads... monitor it... forever.
47 : Code Monkey ★2014/03/21(金) 17:42:02.68 ID:???
There is special software to help monitor threads.
The regulations are necessary or the boards would just get spammed to hell.
You can request threads to be deleted, but cant do it yourself.
You are probably a regular.
48 : 忍法帖【Lv=34,xxxPT】(-1+0:8) 2014/03/21(金) 23:28:12.86 ID:/Zbv8IhR
49 : 名無しさん2014/03/22(土) 12:01:57.45 ID:PeW2ZXoX
>There is special software to help monitor threads.
Oh. I see. Server side?

>The regulations are necessary or the boards would just get spammed to hell.
Is that so.

>You can request threads to be deleted, but cant do it yourself.
Oh. How?

>You are probably a regular.
Do I come off as a regular?
Maybe a regular to the internet or anonymous futaba image boards I suppose.
Actually I can't post on any of the boards
because it's not a japanese ip address.
I was extremely surprised that was able to post this thread.
My guess is non-japanese ip addresses will be banned here too
even tho this board is kind of completely dead or extremely slow.
Or these so-called "time capsule" boards.
So, I'll enjoy it while it lasts, I guess.

Thanks for the responses so far, everyone.
50 : Code Monkey ★2014/03/22(土) 12:36:09.13 ID:???
Foreign IP are blocked on the majority of 2ch boards.
This is due to rampant abuse of open proxies and tor exit nodes.
We have a service called Ronin that can allow you to post on 2ch from a foreign IP.

There is currently only one board on 2ch that is open to foreign IP:

Maybe we will make an international board that will also be open to foreign IP.

>Oh. I see. Server side?
There are some server-side and client-side softwares that can help bookmark and monitor thread.
You will need to research and figure out which setup is best for you.

>Oh. How?
Head to a deletion request board.
51 : 忍法帖【Lv=36,xxxPT】(0+0:8) 2014/03/22(土) 22:04:27.96 ID:8sMNBeed
52 : 名無しさん2014/03/23(日) 16:40:29.29 ID:uC18g/R5
>Foreign IP are blocked on the majority of 2ch boards.
>This is due to rampant abuse of open proxies and tor exit nodes.
I guess the non japanese sites can deal with that more.
Also even without that restriction here it's pretty slow and dead so.

>We have a service called Ronin
>that can allow you to post on 2ch from a foreign IP.
Cool! I wonder how to get and use it.

>There is currently only one board on 2ch
>that is open to foreign IP: http://maguro.2ch.net/anarchy/
Oh. Anarchy. Well thanks for making me aware of this.

>Maybe we will make an international board that will also be open to foreign IP.
That's kind of like this isn't it?
We as in you work for 2ch or we as in talking as 2ch?

>There are some server-side and client-side softwares
>that can help bookmark and monitor thread.
Oh. Like third party software.

>You will need to research and figure out which setup is best for you.
I mostly just bookmark and monitor stuff.

>Head to a deletion request board.
There's a board for deletion requests?
Not much use if non-japanese i.p.'s are banned from it.
53 : 名無しさん2014/03/23(日) 19:14:37.55 ID:zuFp70/q
What happened to the English language board?
54 : 名無しさん2014/03/23(日) 19:17:39.07 ID:zuFp70/q
I mean

55 : 名無しさん2014/03/23(日) 19:45:46.07 ID:zuFp70/q

56 : 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(1+0:8) 2014/03/24(月) 22:02:13.58 ID:UScGgc5k
57 : 名無しさん2014/03/30(日) 00:43:31.24 ID:???
58 : 名無しさん2014/03/30(日) 00:44:22.19 ID:???
59 : 名無しさん2014/03/30(日) 14:23:12.89 ID:???
60 : 名無しさん2014/03/30(日) 14:24:48.57 ID:???
61 : 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(3+0:8) 2014/03/31(月) 08:58:50.12 ID:Mp0GyYRb
62 : 名無しさん2014/04/11(金) 08:04:13.36 ID:???
63 : 名無しさん2014/04/15(火) 00:44:39.11 ID:???
>>62 G
64 : 名無しさん2014/05/04(日) 11:43:51.37 ID:r/UeSDAO
65 : 名無しさん2014/06/06(金) 11:50:27.31 ID:???

2chA1Fox( (HTL22) android-17(4.2)
66 : 名無しさん2014/06/23(月) 00:28:27.63 ID:???
67 : 忍法帖【Lv=60,xxTP】 【ponponfine12894】 ◆Mango32c.PeL 2014/06/27(金) 09:57:03.19 ID:???
68 : Mr.anonymous2014/07/30(水) 09:57:04.55 ID:???
あーウンコブリブリプリーズ マイニーチウンコモリモリヨ
74 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/01(金) 13:32:21.42 ID:???
ソフトバンク●●● ●●○●●○      
オリックス ○●● ●● ○●●
日本ハム  ○○○ ○○ ○○● 

鷹56-42-4 -
檻56-44-0 1.0
ハ54-45-1 1.5
75 : elo2014/08/04(月) 20:42:18.92 ID:APS8aouv
hi test test
76 : Random Gaijin2014/08/07(木) 06:46:51.42 ID:SGAKf0YH!
Where do I find all the sick Japanese guro comics/pictures?
77 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/15(金) 10:09:20.88 ID:3LQph6Vi
78 : Hi2014/08/15(金) 15:32:06.53 ID:MBvKCaM2
Hello guys
79 : Ask2014/08/27(水) 16:19:11.65 ID:zYYFfadC
this is a test
80 : testreply2014/08/29(金) 09:20:41.32 ID:luBF1M+O
hellow test
81 : Post Reply2014/08/29(金) 10:06:52.38 ID:luBF1M+O
test reply
82 : post try2014/08/29(金) 15:19:38.48 ID:luBF1M+O
this is try
83 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 12:59:05.53 ID:nwVIt7M3
tes tes
84 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 13:09:28.28 ID:nwVIt7M3
85 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 13:13:51.37 ID:nwVIt7M3
give me one word that has a meaning.
give me one word that has a life.
so I'll tear open my heart.
86 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 13:36:02.30 ID:nwVIt7M3
silence.takes me to wander.
give me a reason your redemption in the captions of "I love you."
no,the first was a lie.
no,which word was the truth?
like the snow i see you falling.
I hear one voice that calls my name,again.
87 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 13:37:39.91 ID:G28tnL09
88 : Mr.anonymous2014/08/30(土) 13:52:26.72 ID:nwVIt7M3
Lord, give me a name.
tells me way(here my humanity lies,) you gave me life.
in the night, I remember the sounds of surrender every night I dream of you."call my name!"
every breath I take is to call your name.
I will be loved in the end ?
89 : this is test for image2014/09/08(月) 17:02:45.43 ID:0m+zwkGL
a http://img.2ch.net/ico/u_mosa.gif b http://img.2ch.net/ico/002.gif
90 : second test image2014/09/08(月) 17:04:08.38 ID:0m+zwkGL

91 : test post be2014/09/09(火) 15:38:53.86 ID:BTuSz9G5!
this is test for be account
92 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 19:38:59.97 ID:tMpivjdj!
93 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 19:40:12.49 ID:tMpivjdj!
94 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 19:42:21.16 ID:tMpivjdj!
95 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 19:43:02.46 ID:tMpivjdj!
96 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 19:45:27.89 ID:tMpivjdj!
97 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 20:36:47.19 ID:tMpivjdj!
98 : Mr.anonymous2014/09/09(火) 20:47:46.46 ID:???
99 : dailymotion test2014/09/11(木) 13:48:34.15 ID:L7PIu1Iy
100 : test2014/09/11(木) 13:58:59.07 ID:L7PIu1Iy