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1Mr.anonymous2015/04/14(火) 19:35:11.05ID:fg+vdyJz
fill in the underline part

26Mr.anonymous2015/05/20(水) 19:47:34.81ID:???
hey, how do you think about latest video
wearing cyclewear, it's sooooo cute !
isn't it ?

27Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 06:47:38.28ID:???
Yes,so cute!
without juban no mumamoto ga eroi

28Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 06:48:54.39ID:???
→ munamoto

29Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 17:15:35.80ID:???
yeah ! it's so eroi :D

30Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 17:58:01.93ID:???

By the way , did you see the wrapping-bus ?
It's so cool
I hope that HK-version is seen someday

31Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 20:03:15.27ID:???
Is it MH's bus?
hokanimo saikin wrapping bus attanoke

32Mr.anonymous2015/05/21(木) 21:33:54.88ID:???
it's H and i-dancers' bus
it runs in Brcln
i think it may be a part of Oly campaign

33Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 05:09:44.52ID:???
I see.
It's a nice photo, they're friendly.
I wait for HK-version,too

34Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 05:20:57.93ID:???
They'll meet each other soon!
Perhaps they will kiss at first

35Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 09:38:53.34ID:???
Hug Kiss Hug Kiss Hug Kiss ...
imagine their reunion scene ... waaaaaaa !
I can't wait for that

36Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 10:02:15.04ID:???
I'm going to go to Kb
I saw w-he last year at Osk
so, I look forward to what kind of scene will be seen

37Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 12:28:52.43ID:???
i will go to Kb , too!
nice ICHA seens are coming soon!

38Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 14:47:03.03ID:???
yeah !
NO ICHA NO mj-kitty LIFE !

39Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 19:33:48.15ID:???
ICHAKORA is justice !

40Mr.anonymous2015/05/22(金) 23:11:21.85ID:???
and, KAWAII too !

41Mr.anonymous2015/05/23(土) 11:47:57.47ID:???
H missed K when they separated, their coach said.
I'm happy to hear that.

42Mr.anonymous2015/05/23(土) 17:11:11.22ID:???
wow ! nice interview
i'm happy too !
i think the coach is the biggest sympathetic supporter of them

43Mr.anonymous2015/05/26(火) 08:48:38.39ID:???
They have already been in Japan
They maybe talk about their new program,and etc.

44Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 17:19:46.88ID:???
It’s been a while
MKHR and SHZOK's were amazing
Don't you think so?
I love orange-princess ( or yuubari-melone?)
and today, a new program is going to be shown soon!
It's so exciting!

45Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 17:32:19.87ID:???
Did you see the nice photo that K puts his hand on the H's ?
It's the biggest MOE in these past several weeks

46Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 19:19:18.33ID:???
Yeah,that picture makes me happy very much
That relationship is not friend or brother but lover,I think.

47Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 20:15:41.82ID:???

48Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 20:44:03.36ID:???

49Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 21:56:15.79ID:???
japanese style program will make his new charm

50Mr.anonymous2015/06/12(金) 22:15:09.30ID:???
omg! omg!
nice choice, nice costume
and I totally agree with you!
I think this kind of program will bring out his new charm

51moot ◆Ep8pui8Vw2 2015/06/13(土) 06:14:16.13ID:uDwj2tRd!

52Mr.anonymous2015/06/13(土) 07:16:37.11ID:???
I'm glad to see you

53Mr.anonymous2015/06/14(日) 00:13:55.94ID:???
hi! good to see you
'wife' is nice word

54Mr.anonymous2015/06/14(日) 16:02:14.21ID:???
What is the true message of his new program?
Only ‘‘WA’’?
The behind theme of OMJ story is bromance.
Does he express it??

55Mr.anonymous2015/06/20(土) 21:23:21.02ID:???
Yup, I think there is something behind
not only 'WA'
I agree with your opinion of >>46

56Mr.anonymous2015/06/21(日) 19:34:02.02ID:???
I think he maybe emphatize with Smei.
I 'm reading OMJ story now.
It's interesting and there are so many MOE situations to imagine h&k!

57Mr.anonymous2015/06/28(日) 15:28:37.07ID:???
I'm waiting for the photo of his new costume…
When he wears gorgeous frill doresses like new RmiJri,he is very beautiful!

58Mr.anonymous2015/06/29(月) 15:34:53.22ID:???
hey! did you see new costumu's photos ?
it's gorgeously frilled and sparkled
wearing this costume, he is pretty beautiful as you said !

59Mr.anonymous2015/06/29(月) 17:29:23.09ID:???
Oh…he fly over my imagination far away!
soooooooo beautiful!!

60Mr.anonymous2015/07/03(金) 19:11:36.18ID:???

61Mr.anonymous2015/07/04(土) 00:30:05.46ID:???
finally, tomorrow !

62Mr.anonymous2015/07/04(土) 00:33:10.00ID:???
I can't sleep…

63Mr.anonymous2015/07/06(月) 21:06:45.10ID:???
Amazing two days!
H&K were very cool and cute..
When K danced his SP of last year,H gazed at K with kindly smile!

64Mr.anonymous2015/08/15(土) 08:08:21.50ID:???
Is it came back?

65Mr.anonymous2015/09/08(火) 23:20:19.91ID:???
There were a lot of interesting TVprograms since August
I was so impressed with a 24's 2 programs

661991/11/21 山梨県富士吉田市2015/11/25(水) 22:50:52.72ID:???
上小澤健介 効率的 エネルギッシュ 自信家 意思が強い 戦略家 カリスマ性がある 奮起させてくれる

67Mr.anonymous2016/02/12(金) 18:04:30.35ID:???

68Mr.anonymous2016/04/29(金) 21:14:33.68ID:Hjq7c99P

69Mr.anonymous2016/05/12(木) 03:39:04.00ID:H9VLITVC
last pretzel

70Mr.anonymous2016/05/16(月) 01:07:24.11ID:hwDVLAJb

71Mr.anonymous2016/05/17(火) 04:42:09.70ID:GxaVq6+l
my lord

72Mr.anonymous2016/08/24(水) 17:05:56.55ID:S36dSmsb

73Mr.anonymous2016/08/24(水) 17:25:59.27ID:???
  ( ・∀・)   | | ga-tts!
  と    )    | |
    Y /ノ    人
     / )    <  >__Λ∩
   _/し' //. V`Д´)/ ←>>72
  (_フ彡        /

74Mr.anonymous2016/09/15(木) 13:32:42.10ID:FSaYTaUf
cute anon

75Mr.anonymous2017/04/18(火) 00:41:04.55ID:bzGrmI70

76Mr.anonymous2017/04/27(木) 12:42:24.42ID:ASXafTph