Masturbation macht frei

1Mr.anonymous2014/10/06(月) 19:30:07.83ID:xK67Bcat
Masturbation makes you free.
Just do it.

2Mr.anonymous2014/10/07(火) 00:50:15.45ID:IgElVIPQ
*fap fap fap*

3Mr.anonymous2014/10/07(火) 13:51:11.41ID:dePE11ln!

4Mr.anonymous2014/10/08(水) 09:00:14.62ID:c2lNGtr2!

5loser2014/10/09(木) 17:38:10.67ID:gbTHAjb8
In my own illusion,I am free.
I can freely make love many celebrities.
Today,I masturbated a beach volleyball player.
As I put up with her cunt marcilessly squeezing my penis,I repeatedly
spiked and ejaculated her.

Today,I masturbated a beach volleyball player.

6Mr.anonymous2014/10/13(月) 17:48:01.03ID:30NO34Ig
Everyone can enjoy masturbation.
All we need is minimum space and time.
Masturbation never betrays.
Just do it.

7loser2014/10/14(火) 01:05:07.10ID:5VKJGtnC
Yesterday,I masturbated a female newscaster.

8loser2014/10/14(火) 01:07:50.37ID:5VKJGtnC
Yesterday,I masturbated a female newscaster.

9Mr.anonymous2014/10/14(火) 10:49:51.75ID:???
My masturbation is 8th day today. I can't stop masturbation.

10loser2014/10/14(火) 19:49:09.70ID:5VKJGtnC
8 times in a day...I can not do it. It is a limit to masturbate
once a day...

11Mr.anonymous2014/10/14(火) 21:40:03.04ID:MEmP+uJx
*fap fap fap*

12Mr.anonymous2014/10/21(火) 01:41:31.15ID:8W78CxES
Masturbation never betrays.
We must not betray masturbation.
Masturbation makes us free.
Just do it.

13loser2014/10/21(火) 06:52:52.93ID:0pqS3971
I think so. You put my word out of my mouth.

1412014/10/22(水) 04:02:06.41ID:1r8yk9tT
As long as you are with masturbation, you are certainly never a loser.
Actually you are a winner.
Just keep doing it.

15loser2014/10/22(水) 06:56:29.30ID:nCP1KuGw
I am grateful for your assessment.
However,I am an actual loser.I have no chance to climb.

16Mr.anonymous2014/10/23(木) 16:00:35.65ID:???
Too much masturbation may cause someone funny thing.

17loser2014/10/23(木) 20:00:32.47ID:XpVT0kLH
A moment ago, I masturbated Amy Acuff.
How many men,did she play pole vault with ?

18Mr.anonymous2014/10/23(木) 21:59:04.37ID:???
How great your sex technique is!
She also must be sexual technician.

19loser2014/10/23(木) 22:25:15.47ID:XpVT0kLH
Thank you for reading my whisper.
She can`t be satisfied at her desire with her husband only.

20loser2014/10/23(木) 22:32:03.20ID:XpVT0kLH
Thank you very much for reading my whisper.
She can`t be satisfied at her desire with her husband only.

21Mr.anonymous2014/10/23(木) 23:44:16.32ID:???
And so, did you have sex with her actually?

22loser2014/10/24(金) 07:17:45.55ID:/bbVupE2
No. All I wrote in the thread was my illusion.

23Mr.anonymous2014/10/24(金) 08:43:03.39ID:???
I had already found that they're all your illusion. I was interested how interesting your illusion became.

24loser2014/10/24(金) 14:58:04.79ID:/bbVupE2
Female athletes drastically build up themselves. Therefore,
their body have no superfluous flesh. their cunts should badly
strongly squeeze penes.
I imagine how many she has strangled men and I masturbate her...
I am also strangled likewise.
How do they stragle men? These men are very happy...

25Mr.anonymous2014/10/24(金) 17:39:57.93ID:???
I masturbate her.
These men are very happy...

[Maybe, Better]
I masturbate with imagining her.
These men must be happy.

I imagine how many she has strangled men and I masturbate her...

[Maybe, Better]
I masturbate with imagining how many men have been strangled by her.
I masturbate with imagining her squeeze technique.

Which expression is more plain?

I'm sorry, but I have written it by using translation site.
Weblio 翻訳

26loser2014/10/24(金) 20:12:07.29ID:/bbVupE2
Thank you for your advice.
I looked over dictionaries and wrote English. I have never used
any translation sites to read or write English.
In the University of the Air,an examinee can use an English
dictionary while he or she takes English exam.
I took the exam without dictionary. It was miraculous to pass
the test.

27Mr.anonymous2014/10/24(金) 22:13:10.35ID:???
Oh, that's great. Passing the test without dictionary makes your ability improve.
I depend on translation site.

By the way, I'm @mastubsearcher on Twitter.

28loser2014/10/25(土) 01:36:02.33ID:MdEmz7AH
I also count on dictionaries. I can not sneer anothermen.

29Mr.anonymous2014/10/25(土) 15:33:58.00ID:???

30loser2014/10/27(月) 06:49:46.74ID:LF+LWRFH
Does anybody remotely control my computer?

31Mr.anonymous2014/10/30(木) 20:53:55.23ID:jJQjV2WQ
This world may be currently cruel to you.
At times like this, you should endure and enjoy masturbation.
Please keep your health and don't commit crime and suicide.
Desease and prison disturb your masturbation.
Death deprives you of masturbation.
Please keep enjoying masturbation.
There is happiness.

32loser2014/10/31(金) 07:16:25.16ID:NAx3+qrx
I think so,too. I want to live long to enjoy masturbation.

33Mr.anonymous2014/11/22(土) 19:04:03.86ID:tr6K40zG
Today I ejaculated four times.
Masturbation makes me happy.

34loser2014/11/22(土) 19:58:17.71ID:GRCimEU3
4 times a day...How energetic!
I had also masturbated 4 times a day...

35332014/11/23(日) 09:43:19.19ID:J3cTD7Xl
Actually, I don't usually masturbate multiple times a day, because I think the most important point is quality of it.
Of course frequent masturbation is good.
But I think single full masturbation is better than multiple sloppy masturbation.

36loser2014/11/23(日) 12:16:19.18ID:uKze8gkE
I think so,too. I accurately select women to enjoy masturbation.

37Mr.anonymous2014/11/25(火) 16:19:59.26ID:???
Today, I have ejaculated four times by imagining the sex with "Anita Alvarado".

38loser2014/11/25(火) 17:17:42.34ID:FG4aWQvg
To my regret,I can`t love criminals. It isn`t that I hate foreigners.

39名無しさん@そうだ選挙に行こう2014/12/14(日) 13:45:54.89ID:DbJEwZbg

40Mr.anonymous2015/04/26(日) 05:10:56.43ID:HCg/WiHu
Super wara maji waro su

41Mr.anonymous2015/05/14(木) 19:34:06.98ID:2t04c6Ys!
Hellou baby

42Mr.anonymous2015/05/15(金) 08:48:27.49ID:We/CN8i3

43Mr.anonymous2015/05/15(金) 08:52:32.43ID:We/CN8i3

44Mr.anonymous2015/07/04(土) 14:43:13.24ID:???
   .|ミ.l _ノ 、_i.)   /
  (^'ミ/.´・ .〈・ リ /  星野だがわしが育てた
  .しi   r、_) |     
    |  (ニニ' /  \
   ノ `ー―i´    .\

45Mr.anonymous2015/10/20(火) 23:36:15.76ID:M0iwSqlr

46Mr.anonymous2016/01/31(日) 05:47:12.29ID:/hc+HULv
Alles clar

47loser2016/06/25(土) 09:14:38.51ID:ulfMyLM9
I have repeatedly masturbated in Tunde Szabo.
She was so tall and glamorous that I am not fed up with her flesh...
I swam and squirted into her hot hole...

48Mr.anonymous2017/09/14(木) 18:05:56.15ID:uA3bXCcT
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    Σ ヽー"  ..:. ::∧
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